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Princes Highway Revitalisation Works

Princes Highway (York Street) and Cunninghame Street, Sale

Commencement Date: 
December 2021
Completion Date: 
December 2022
Project Budget: 

This project is a continuation of Wellington Shire Council’s work to revitalise the municipalities main streets and CBD precincts, made possible through Federal Government funding.

The project will involve:
  • Streetscape works to replace and upgrade the concrete footpath, kerb and channel and street furniture
  • Enhanced landscaping along the roadside and in the centre median
  • New centre median lights to improve lighting
  • Upgrading of both traffic and parking lanes to be a smoother asphalt riding surface
  • Installation or traffic signals at the York Street and Cunninghame Street intersection (McDonalds)

A major part of this project is in the installation of traffic signals at the McDonald's intersection, taking into consideration:

  • Increased traffic along Princes Highway providing few gaps for turning traffic
  • Queues along Cunninghame Street from the McDonald’s drive-through
  • Queues from the McDonald’s drive-through occasionally blocking the intersection

Council will continue to monitor the operation of the McDonalds drive through post installation of traffic signals.

Construction of new traffic signals will:

  • Improve traffic flow
  • Provide safer turning opportunities
  • Provide safer pedestrian crossing opportunities



Streetscape, footpaths and landscaping

Above: image 1 - an example of central treatment finish, image 2 - an example of treatment finish, image 3 - an example of centre median lighting.

The streetscape works between Foster and Macalister Streets and Stawell and Raglan Streets will match the works already completed in Foster and Macarthur Streets, Sale. The works between Macalister and Stawell Streets will match works in Raymond Street, Sale and Johnson Street, Maffra. All streetscape works will have the same look and feel as the recent upgrades in the CBDs of Yarram, Rosedale, Maffra and the outer York Street areas.

Council has worked with Landscape Architects to enhance the precinct, aiming to encourage traffic to stop and explore the Sale CBD.

An avenue of large canopy trees (Angophora costata) will line the streets in this section, with visually pleasing impact trees (Brachychiton populneus) to be planted at the main intersections of Macalister Street, Cunninghame Street and Macarthur Street. The existing poorly performing trees and grass in the median strips will be replaced with the palm Livastona australis which grows naturally in East Gippsland, along with a tapestry of small shrubs and ground covers.

Key features of the landscaping include:

  • Highly ornamental shrubs and ground covers (not exceeding 500mm)
  • Low water use plants
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Strong focus on native and indigenous plants that are suitable for a changing climate
  • Reuse of storm water to support healthy tree growth
  • Tree pits to support healthy tree growth, while reducing the impact roots have to infrastructure and services

The streetscape works in the outer areas are expected to commence in October 2021, with Council staff already engaging with adjoining businesses

New landscaping to be planted at the Cunninghame Street intersection.

The total cost of this project is $13.1 million and is funded by:

Federal Government - $10.1 million/$1.58 million

Wellington Shire Council - $1.17 million

Regional Roads Victoria - $0.25 million


The streetscape project is divided into 3 sections;

South Section: Commencement date: October 2021 - Completion Date: December 2021

North Section: Commencement date: February 2022 - Completion Date: Jun 2022

Centre Section: Commencement date: May 2022 - Completion Date: December 2022

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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