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Port of Sale Moorings Project

Port of Sale

Commencement Date: 
May 2023
Completion Date: 
June 2024
Project Budget: 
$2.2 million

The Port of Sale Moorings project will improve the south western area of the port by installing a sea wall and finger jetties. This upgrade will provide better access to all moored boats at the port and provide better amenity to the Port of Sale Precinct. It is the first major investment project identified in the Port of Sale Master Plan 2021.

Council and contractor Carter Marine Group have worked closely with mooring users, including the Port of Sale Boat Club to finalise designs. The project will be conducted in three stages.

February 2024 - Project Progress Update

Stage 2 of the ongoing Port of Sale Moorings project is almost complete with Stage 3 scheduled for completion in June 2024.

November 2023 - Project Progress Update

The ongoing Port of Sale Moorings project has been delayed, due to recent flooding around the project site and an increase in the scope of works that will now extend into the Christmas/New Year period.

The recent flooding, accompanied by elevated water levels, required the removal of machinery from the site for an extended period and posed challenges for transporting the barge to its intended location along the Thomson River.

Furthermore, the project's scope has been modified to include the addition of footpaths behind the new seawall and the establishment of a shared path connecting to Park Street, facilitating access to the bridge and the northern side of the Port of Sale.

Stage 2 is expected to be completed in December 2023, with Stage 3 - South Section scheduled for completion by March 2024.

This is the first major investment project identified in the Port of Sale Master Plan, which will include significant upgrades to the West Bank of the Port, including better access to moored boats and improvements to the overall amenity, accessibility and connectivity along the waterfront.

Image showing staged works.
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Friday, February 16, 2024

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