Wellington Planning Scheme

The Wellington Planning Scheme provides a clear and consistent framework within which decisions about the use and development of land in Wellington Shire can be made.

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Planning schemes set out policies and provisions for the use, development and in some instances the protection of land and buildings. Each local government area in Victoria, and some special planning areas, is covered by a planning scheme.

Planning schemes contain both State and Local Planning Provisions and are legal documents prepared by the local council or the Minister for Planning and approved by the Minister.

Changes to the planning scheme may be made by both the Minister and the local council, however all changes must be formally approved by the Minister. Changes to the planning scheme are undertaken through a Planning Scheme Amendment process.

A local council’s planning scheme consists of:

  • State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF) and Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF), which outlines state and local strategic policy relating to how land should be used and developed.
  • Maps which show land zoning and any relevant overlays affecting properties within the municipality.
  • Documents which outline Zones and Overlays, and associated Schedules, which contain greater detail about how properties can be used and developed, and any permit requirements.
  • Particular Provisions, which detail specific requirements for uses and development such as Car Parking (Clause 52.06) and Bicycle Facilities (Clause 52.34).
  • General Provisions, which outline operational requirements for matters such as land that is within two zones, ancillary activities, and the referral of applications.
  • Incorporated documents.
  • A list of all amendments that have been made to the local and state planning schemes.

The Wellington Planning Scheme can be viewed in full on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

What is the difference between Planning and Building?

Building Permits are issued by a registered Building Surveyor and generally relate only to the construction aspects of a particular building or development.

Planning Permits are legal documents that give applicants permission for a particular land use or development to occur on a specified parcel of land. Planning permission may be required under a zone, overlay or particular provision within the Wellington Planning Scheme.

If a Planning Permit is required, it must be obtained prior to a Building Permit being issued.

A Planning Permit does not remove the need to obtain a Building Permit.

Council Departments involved in the Development Process

Strategic Planning is responsible for developing the policies and controls that make up the Wellington Planning Scheme and considering requests for changes to the Wellington Planning Scheme, including the rezoning of land.

Statutory Planning is responsible for considering applications for a planning permit, such as an application to build or extend a dwelling, change use from a business to a residence, open a business or display an advertising sign. Applications for Planning Permits are assessed against the requirements of the Wellington Planning Scheme.

Building is the term responsible for considering applications for a Building Permit, Occupancy Permit and conducting building safety inspections. After receiving your Planning Permit (if required) you must apply for a Building Permit through a Private Building Surveyor.

Further information on the planning scheme structure can be found on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website (DELWP) website.

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Development Plans

Development Plans are used to guide the future use and development of particular areas of land such as new residential growth fronts. In doing so, Development Plans provide a degree of certainty about the nature of future land use or development.

Development Plans may include specific requirements relating to:

  • The layout and form of future development.
  • The future distribution of open space.
  • The development of infrastructure, access, and movement corridors.
  • Retention and development of existing environmental assets.
  • Social and community issues.

Once a Development Plan is approved, all planning permits granted by the Responsible Authority (RA) must be ‘generally in accordance’ with the Development Plan. To fulfil this requirement, the Responsible Authority must test each proposal against the use and development requirements of the Development Plan.

List of Development Plans applying to land within Wellington Shire








Planning Scheme Incorporated Documents

An incorporated document is part of the Planning Scheme.

Incorporated documents are essential to the proper functioning of the planning scheme and decision-making process. Documents incorporated into all planning schemes are shown in the Table to Clause 81.01, and include for example the Victorian Code for Cattle Feedlots, August 1995 and A Code of Practice for Telecommunications Facilities in Victoria.

At the local level, planning authorities can, if they so wish, incorporate their own documents. Documents may be incorporated into the planning scheme when they include detailed plans or lengthy guidelines. Development guidelines, incorporated plans, or restructure plans are common types of local incorporated documents. Incorporated documents specific to the Wellington Planning Scheme can be found in the Schedule to Clause 81.01.

One of the benefits of incorporating a document is that it carries the same statutory weight as other parts of the planning scheme. A Responsible Authority can only change an incorporated document via a Planning Scheme Amendment.

List of Incorporated Documents in the Wellington Planning Scheme

Wellington Shire Heritage Controls comprising:

Further information about Incorporated Documents can be found in the Planning Practice Note.

Planning Scheme Reference Documents

List of Reference Documents in the Wellington Planning Scheme

Reference documents provide background information to assist in understanding the context within which a particular policy or provision has been framed. Different types of documents may perform this role, they may be wide-ranging in their content and contain information not directly relevant to specific decisions under the planning scheme.

Reference documents can be used in a number of ways. They can be used as a basis for preparing the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS), local planning policies or requirements in the planning scheme, or can be mentioned in the planning scheme as a source of useful background information. Reference documents have only a limited role in decision-making as they are not formally part of the planning scheme. They do not have the status of incorporated documents or carry the same legislative weight.

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Documents Available for Public Inspection

Council maintain a range of documents and registers for public inspection in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2004 - these are shown below.

Note: The Auditors Report is incorporated within the Annual Report.

The documents below can also be viewed at our Sale or Yarram Service Centres.

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In addition, the following documents are also available for public inspection at the Sale Service Centre:

  • Authorised Officers
  • Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Councillor Code of Conduct
  • Councillor Reimbursement Policy
  • Delegations
  • Election Campaign Donation Returns Register
  • List of all Leases
  • List of Donations and Grants
  • Procurement Policy
  • Record of Assembly of Councillors
  • Register of Interests Travel Register
  • Details of Chief Executive Officer reappointment and total remuneration

To arrange an inspection, please contact Council.

Annual Report

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Council Budget

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Council Plan and Vision

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Council Strategies and Plans

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