Rates and Valuations

Wellington Shire Council collects rates annually from residents and businesses located in the municipality.
If you prefer to receive your Rates Notice via email, you can register for this service by completing an Online Form below.

Wellington Shire Pools Operating Status (Temperature Trigger)

Pools will only open if forecast BOM temperature is 25°C or higher for Sale at 4.30pm on the day prior.
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*NOTICE: Due to necessary works the Sale Toddler Pool opens Friday 27 November 2020 and the Sale 50m Outdoor Pool opens Friday 4 December 2020.

The income levied from rates allows Council to provide a range services and infrastructure to the community.

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Name, Address or Email Alteration

It is important to inform Council if you make any change to your name, address or property ownership as soon as possible.

This helps us ensure that rates notices, pet registration renewals and other notices are delivered correctly. When ownership of a property changes, the liability for payment of rates remains with the owner until Council receives a notice of acquisition.


You can update your name and/or address details by completing our Change of Name and Address (Business) Form (please note that supporting documentation is required).

If you need to update your email address you can do this by completing an Online Form.


You can update your name and/or address details by completing our Change of Name and Address (Individual) Form (please note that supporting documentation is required).

If you need to update your email address you can do this by completing an Online Form.

Notification of Death/Power of Attorney

You can officially notify Council of a person’s death by completing our Notification of Death/Power of Attorney Form (please note that supporting documentation is required).

Update Animal Details

To update your animal details please complete our Update Animal Details Form.

I have sold or purchased property

I no longer own a property. What do I do?

Your legal representative will send a Notice of Disposition of an Interest in Land providing the new property owner’s details. It should be noted that liability for payment of rates remains with the owner recorded with Council until the disposition of interest notice is received by Council.

I now own a property. What do I do?

Normally your legal representative will send a Notice of Acquisition of an Interest in Land detailing the terms of the purchase (or transfer) of your property. The completed form should be lodged within one month of property transfer.

Property Valuations

Valuations are carried out by an independent contract valuer on behalf of the Valuer General. The Valuer General’s department supplies them to council for use in rates calculations. The contract valuer has a thorough knowledge of sales, rentals and statutory considerations in accordance with government legislation.

Valuers are notified of any property sales in the municipality and information on rentals is obtained from owners, agents and tenants. This information is then analysed and collated so that levels of value can be established for individual areas within the Shire.

Supplementary Valuations

From time to time, a supplementary valuation is made where the property value has changed substantially due to a new dwelling, a factory, demolition of a building, new water infrastructure, fencing or improvements.

These supplementary valuations are carried out between valuations in order to bring these properties in to line and are based on the same levels of value used for the general valuation. Supplementary rates notices may be issued based on the new valuation during the year.

Revaluation Periods

Revaluations are carried out every year to reflect market relativity. Current valuations are based on values at 1 January annually which is a statutory requirement set down by the Valuer-General. The current revaluation came to effect on 1 July 2020 and will be based on the values as at 1 January 2020.

Objections to Valuations

A formal objection to a valuation may be made in relation to the value of a property upon the grounds set out in the Valuation of Land Act. Before lodging an objection form, ratepayers are asked to contact Council and speak to a member of the Rates Department.

Ratepayers who do not believe the valuation to be correct may obtain a 'Notice of Objection to Valuation' form. Rates staff can supply this form which must be completed and lodged within two months of the issue of a valuation notice.

If an objection to a valuation is lodged, rate payments must still be made prior to their due date. Failure to pay rates on time will result in interest being charged.

For further information you may refer to the following sections of the Valuation of Land Act 1960:

  • Who can object - Section 16
  • Grounds for objection - Section 17
  • Time within which you must lodge an objection with the council - Section 18B
  • How objections are dealt with - Section 21(2)
  • The appeals process - Section 22.

Further information is available from the Rating Valuations section of the DELWP website.

Rates Calculations

Rates are based on the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each property multiplied by the rate in the dollar (reassessed annually by Council). Capital Improved Value refers to the total value of the property, being land plus all buildings and other improvements.


General Rate = Capital Improved Value (CIV) of $200,000 x 0.004911 = $982.20
Garbage Charge = $222.00
Waste Infrastructure Charge = $55.00
EPA Levy Charge = $16.92
Total Rates = $1,276.12

Council uses a differential rating system. This means there is a different rate in the dollar applied for each different property type or category.

Contiguous areas of vacant land with more than one title in the same ownership may be consolidated for rating purposes.

Rating Structures for the 2020 – 2021 Rating Period (1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021)

General Rate
0.004911 rate in the dollar
Plus $222.00 garbage rate per service (where appropriate)
Plus $55.00 Waste Infrastructure Charge
Plus $16.92 EPA Levy Charge

Farm Rate
0.003929 rate in the dollar
Plus $55.00 Waste Infrastructure Charge

Commercial Rate
0.004911 rate in the dollar (same as general rate)
Plus $222.00 garbage rate per service (where appropriate)
Plus $55.00 Waste Infrastructure Charge
Plus $16.92 EPA Levy Charge

Waste Infrastructure Charge

You will notice a waste infrastructure charge on your rates notice. In order to comply with EPA requirements, state legislation and sound waste management practice, we have levied a charge for waste infrastructure to specifically fund sustainable waste facilities within Wellington Shire.

The charge is $55.00 for the 2020/21 rating period.

Where a single farm enterprise is conducted on several properties within the Shire, only one charge is payable for that farm enterprise on the principal place of residence. Please note however, that additional dwellings are not eligible for an exemption.

Pension Discounts

Property owners who hold a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card may qualify for a Municipal Rates Concession discount from the Department of Health & Human Services, issued by Local Government. Eligible pensioners may receive a discount of up to $291.00 (which includes $50.00 towards the Fire Services Property Levy) in respect of their principal place of residence.

In order to receive this discount, an application form must be submitted which is available from all Wellington Shire Council Service Centres. If you would like to check your eligibility prior to completing an application form with us, please visit http://services.dhhs.vic.gov.au/rates-and-property

In addition, eligible applicants may also be entitled to a retrospective rebate from the previous year.

Fire Services Levy

For information on the Fire Services Levy please visit www.firelevy.vic.gov.au.

EPA Levy Charge

The EPA Levy charge is in place to cover the costs levied by the Environment Protection Authority on the operation of landfills, not otherwise recouped. It is levied on each property to which a Garbage Charge is applied, at the rate of one EPA Levy Charge for each Garbage Charge. The charge for the 2020/21 rating period is $16.92.

Boisdale Common Effluent System Charge

An annual service charge for wastewater availability in the township of Boisdale has been introduced for all properties that are connected to the Boisdale Common Effluent System. This charge represents a contribution towards the cost of operation and management of the system.

The charge for the 2020/21 rating period is $415.00 for residential and commercial properties.

Rates Notices

Rates Notices are mailed to your nominated postal address by default. Should you need to update your details, this can be achieved by completing a Name and Address Alteration on the links above.

If you prefer to receive your Rates Notice via email, you can register for this service by completing an Online Form.

Rates SMS Reminder Service

Ratepayers who choose to pay their rates by four instalments can take part in an optional SMS mobile or home telephone message service to remind them when each instalment is due. If you would like to subscribe to this service please complete the Rates SMS Reminder Service Form.

Rates Payment Options

You have several payment options available for paying your rates.


The instalment method spreads your payments to four amounts over the year. The dates for payment by instalments are:

  • 30 September
  • 30 November
  • 28 February
  • 31 May

Online Payments

Our website offers an online payment option for you to pay your rates. Visit our Online Payments page to pay your rates conveniently and securely.

Direct Debit

You can choose to pay via direct debit over four instalment payments on the dates listed above, or you may choose to pay off your rates over nine monthly instalments from September through to May.

To discuss using this option, please contact Council and speak to our friendly staff or complete the Rates Payment Direct Debit Request Form.


Rates may be paid over the telephone or internet using B-Pay. Simply contact your financial institution and quote our Biller Code 41293. Your assessment number is your personal identification code found on your Rates Notice.

B-Pay View

Register for BPAY View and receive, pay and store bills in your online banking account. Receive and pay bills from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night through the security of your online banking account. BPAY View is accessible anytime and anywhere you have access to your online, mobile or phone bank.


EFTPOS facilities are available at Wellington Shire Council’s Sale Service Centre and Yarram Service Centre.

Australia Post

Australia Post accepts Wellington Shire Council rate instalment payments and offer you three ways in which you can pay: in person, over the phone or on the internet. You may pay by cash, cheque or EFTPOS (debit cards only) at any Australia Post branch.

If you wish to pay by credit card, you may choose to phone 131 816 or visit www.postbillpay.com.au and quote our biller code 0851 and your 8 digit assessment number found on your rates notice.

Property Searches - For Buyers and Sellers

For land or building permit information please use the Property Enquiry Application Form to submit your enquiry.

Property Enquiry Application Form

Rates Refund Request

Eligible property owners may apply for a Rates Refund by completing and submitting the attached form.

Rates Refund Request Form

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Documents Available for Public Inspection

Council maintain a range of documents and registers for public inspection in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2004 - these are shown below.

Note: The Auditors Report is incorporated within the Annual Report.

The documents below can also be viewed at our Sale or Yarram Service Centres.

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In addition, the following documents are also available for public inspection at the Sale Service Centre:

  • Authorised Officers
  • Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Councillor Code of Conduct
  • Councillor Reimbursement Policy
  • Delegations
  • Election Campaign Donation Returns Register
  • List of all Leases
  • List of Donations and Grants
  • Procurement Policy
  • Record of Assembly of Councillors
  • Register of Interests Travel Register
  • Details of Chief Executive Officer reappointment and total remuneration

To arrange an inspection, please contact Council.

Annual Report

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Council Budget

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Council Plan and Vision

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Council Strategies and Plans

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