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November 2023 to January 2024 flooding - Council Road Closures
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January 18, 2024 9:32 AM

Due to reoccurring flooding from Nov 2023 to Jan 2024 some Council roads are still closed. To keep you up to date, we're updating this list each time a road opens up.

Roads that have reopened:

  • James Street Yarram – high school entrance to Verlings Lane.
  • Verlings Lane Yarram – James Street to Pound Road East.
  • Balloong Road Woodside from Ayres Road to Reeves Beach Road.
  • Pound Road East from Verlings Lane to Wooranga School Road.
  • Tannery Road from intersection of Tyers Street to 345 Tannery Road.
  • Pound Road West from Meadows Road at the intersection of Blackshaws Road.
  • Lower Jack Road at Jack River Connection and Gelliondale Road.
  • Jack River Connection Road at Lower Jack Road and Yarram Morwell Road.
  • Gelliondale Road at west intersection of Forest Lodge Road and Albert River Road.
  • Beverleys Road Stockdale (border East Gippsland and Wellington) closed Wellington side.
  • Billy Creek Road at the Albert River intersection and the Billy Creek Tap Tap Connection Road connection.
  • Mertonvale Road at Taylors Road.
  • Taylors Lane at Gormandale Stradbroke Road.
  • Brewery Road from intersection of Shaws Road to No. 293 Brewery Road.
  • Woodside North Road (Lyons Bridge) – at Woodside Carrajung Road and Starlings Lane.
  • Old Carrajung Road at Hyland Highway and Stitchling Street.
  • Yarram – Morwell Road, Jack River – between Jack River Connection Road and property number 627 Yarram – Morwell Road.
  • Billy Creek Road, Staceys Bridge – between Albert River Road and Tap Tap Road.
  • Balloong road - Aryes road intersection and Reeves Beach road intersection.
  • Gelliondale Road, Gelliondale – between Lower Jack Road and Forest Lodge Road.
  • Gelliondale Road at Forest Lodge Road and Gelliondale Road and the intersection at Lower Jack Road and Gelliondale Road.
  • Cricket Street, Rosedale – between Rosedale caravan park and Byes Lane.
  • Thistlethwaites Road, Briagolong – north of property number 78 Thistlethwaites Road.
  • Marathon Road, Briagolong – north of property number 493 Marathon Road.
  • Beverleys Road at border between Wellington and East Gippsland.
  • Valencia Creek – Briagolong Road, Valencia Creek – between Valencia Creek township and Boisdale – Valencia Creek Road.
  • Woodside North Road - Woodside Carrajung intersection and old Rosedale road intersection.
  • Trenton Valley Road, Won Wron – Calrossie-Won Wron Road to Green Lane.
  • Three Chain Road Cowwarr, between Neilsons Road and Traralgon Maffra Road.

Roads currently closed:

  • Jack River Connection Road - intersections of Lower Jack Road and Yarram Morwell Road.
  • Spencers Road, Desailly Flats in Sale.
  • Yarram Morwell Road at North Road and Jack River Road.
  • Albert River Road at Billy Creek Road and Yarram Mowell Road.
  • Heyfield Dawson Road from Heyfield Seaton Road through to Brickhill Road.
  • Buttners Saddle Road, Carrajung Lower – Grand Ridge Road to Hyland Highway.
  • Stewarts Lane Maffra at Weirs Crossing between Beet Road and Llowalong Road.
  • Ross Road, Nambrok – between Denison Road and Rosedale – Heyfield Road.
  • Stewarts Lane, Maffra – between Llowalong Road and Beet Road.
  • Estoppeys Road, Briagolong.
  • Harpers Road, Newry – between Maffra-Newry Road and Three Chain Road.
  • Upper Maffra Road, Newry – between Horstmans Road and Websters Road.
  • Locks Road - Coloes Road through to Warrigal Toms Ceekrk Road.
  • Three Chain Road - Harpers Road through to Walkers Road.
  • Walkers Road - Three Chain Road through to Sellings Road.
  • Sellings Road - Walkers Road through to Harpers Road.
  • Warrigal Toms Creek Road - Boisdale Newry Road through to Wells Road.
  • Frost Lane - Maffra Newry Road through to Three Chain Road.
  • Riverview Road - between Traralgon – Maffra Road and McFarlane Street.
  • Templetons Road, Kilmany – between Settlement Road and McLarens Road.
  • Riversdale Road – between Bundalaguah Road and property number 696 Riversdale Road.
  • Cotos Lane at Maffra Sale intersection.

Do not drive through flood water!

To see major road closures including highways, please visit the VicRoads VicTraffic website.

Always check for emergency updates and follow advice from VicEmergency and other emergency services and agencies.

If you encounter a fallen tree on a local road, please call our team on 1300 366 244.

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