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COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Q&A

This content was last updated on:
November 25, 2021 10:42 AM

Following direction from the Victorian Government, only those aged 12 years and 2 months, who are fully vaccinated from Covid-19 or medically exempt are permitted to enter some Council facilities now that Victoria has hit the 90% vaccination target.

Council has an obligation to ensure a safe workplace for staff and a safe environment for our community. Council staff are vaccinated against Covid-19 and we expect everyone who interacts with our staff and those who use our services to also be vaccinated.

In addition, Council has an obligation to provide facilities and services to as many in our community as possible. As the majority of Wellington residents and Victorians are vaccinated, opening up our facilities to larger groups of vaccinated people makes sense.

These vaccination regulations do not apply in the following settings:

  • Customer Service Centres in Sale and Yarram
  • Transfer stations/waste facilities
  • Aqua Energy or outdoor pools for swimming with a school or school excursion
  • Public toilets
  • Council facilities for the purpose of childcare or Maternal Child Health
  • Competitive organised sport
  • Playgrounds
  • Skate parks
  • Outdoor gym equipment

You will need to however continue to check-in if there is a QR code and wear a face mask when you cannot physically distance.

Now that the 90% vaccination target is reached for people aged 12+, face masks are only required when you cannot physically distance appropriately.

Community Sport

Following confirmation from the Victorian Government, community sport participants, team officials and spectators do not need to be vaccinated to participate in organised community sport. Spectators are capped at 30 people per group and multiple groups are permitted, as long as physical distancing is maintained and they remain separate from each other.

I’m not vaccinated against Covid-19. Can I continue to use Council facilities?

Now the 90% vaccination target has been met, you must prove you are fully vaccinated or medically exempt before entering some Council buildings. This applies to anyone aged over 12 and 2 months.

Why do I need to show proof of my vaccination status?

The state government directive is that once Victoria met the 80/90% vaccination target, Council can re-open its buildings and facilities to larger numbers after long periods of lockdowns and reduced services. Council has a responsibility to provide services to as many in the community as possible and the majority of people in Wellington are vaccinated. We also have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for our staff. It’s the right thing to do, to keep our community safe.

What about my children?

Now the 90% vaccination target has been met, all children aged 12 and 2 months or older will need to show their vaccination status or proof of medical exemption.

I’m not vaccinated, can I attend Council facilities with my children?

Now the 90% vaccination target has been met, you will not be able to accompany your children (aged under 12 years and 2 months) into Council facilities for any activity (except for those listed above) without showing your full vaccination status or medical exemption. This includes swimming lessons at Aqua Energy and outdoor pools, Council libraries and Council-owned sporting facilities, unless for organised competitive sport.

Why must I be able to show my vaccination status to enter a Council building?

There is a State Government directive that allows Council to open buildings to vaccinated patrons only once the state vaccination rate hits 80%.

How do I prove my vaccination status or medical exemption?

There are three ways you can provide this information to our friendly staff:

  • Show your vaccination status through the Victorian Government Service Victoria app on your smartphone (available through the Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • Children can show a screenshot of their vaccination certificate on a smartphone
  • Show a printout of your vaccination certificate
  • Show an official letter from your doctor showing evidence of a medical exemption

What will Council staff do with my information?

This information will be sighted only. It will not be recorded, copied or stored. Once staff see your evidence of vaccination or exemption, you will be welcomed into our Council facility.

If Council staff ask to see my vaccination status, can I ask to see theirs?

All Council staff are vaccinated, it is a requirement of their employment. They have already proven their vaccination status to Council.

What will happen if I decline the request to provide my vaccination status to Council staff?

You will be politely denied access to the Council facility.

What is expected of me if this happens?

Please act politely and with courtesy to our staff. They have a job to do and any aggression towards Council staff will not be tolerated.

How can I set up my smartphone to show my vaccination status easily?

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