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Rates Calculations

Rates are based on the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each property multiplied by the rate in the dollar (reassessed annually by council). Capital Improved Value refers to the total value of the property, being land plus all buildings and other improvements.


 Charge $ 
 General Rate = Capital Improved Value (CIV) of $200,000 x 0.005140 $1,028.00
 Garbage Charge $222.00 
 Waste Infrastructure Charge $55.00 
 EPA Levy Charge $16.92 
 Total Rates $1,321.92

Council uses a differential rating system. This means there is a different rate in the dollar applied for each different property type or category.

Contiguous areas of vacant land with more than one title in the same ownership may be consolidated for rating purposes.


Rating Structures for the 2019 - 2020 Rating Period

(1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020)

General Rate
0.005140 rate in the dollar
Plus $222.00 garbage rate per service (where appropriate)
Plus $55.00 Waste Infrastructure Charge
Plus $16.92 EPA Levy Charge

Farm Rate
0.004112 rate in the dollar
Plus $55.00 Waste Infrastructure Charge

Commercial Rate
0.005140 rate in the dollar (same as general rate)
Plus $222.00 garbage rate per service (where appropriate)
Plus $55.00 Waste Infrastructure Charge
Plus $16.92 EPA Levy Charge


Waste Infrastructure Charge

You will notice a waste infrastructure charge on your rates notice. In order to comply with EPA requirements, state legislation and sound waste management practice, we have levied a charge for waste infrastructure to specifically fund sustainable waste facilities within Wellington Shire.

The charge is $55.00 for the 2019/20 rating period.

Where a single farm enterprise is conducted on several properties within the shire, only one charge is payable for that farm enterprise on the principal place of residence. Please note however, that additional dwellings are not eligible for an exemption.


Pension Discounts

Property owners who hold a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card may qualify for a Municipal Rates Concession discount from the Department of Health & Human Services, issued by Local Government. Eligible pensioners may receive a discount of up to $285.15 (which includes $50.00 towards the Fire Services Property Levy) in respect of their principal place of residence.

In order to receive this discount, an application form must be submitted which is available from all Wellington Shire Council Service Centres. If you would like to check your eligibility prior to completing an application form with us, please visit

In addition, eligible applicants may also be entitled to a retrospective rebate from the previous year.


Fire Services Levy

For information on the Fire Services Levy please visit


EPA Levy Charge

The EPA Levy charge is in place to cover the costs levied by the Environment Protection Authority on the operation of landfills, not otherwise recouped. It is levied on each property to which a Garbage Charge is applied, at the rate of one EPA Levy Charge for each Garbage Charge. The charge for the 2019/20 rating period is $16.92.


Boisdale Common Effluent System Charge

An annual service charge for wastewater availability in the township of Boisdale has been introduced for all properties that are connected to the Boisdale Common Effluent System. This charge represents a contribution towards the cost of operation and management of the system.

The charge for the 2019/20 rating period is $415.00 for residential and commercial properties.

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