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Rates and Valuations

All councils in Australia charge rates. Rates are a 'tax' on properties and provide councils with money needed to pay for a broad range of services, programs, facilities and infrastructure - from playgrounds to roads to immunisation. 

Rates are calculated based on a budget defined by the council, for the amount of money required to maintain and improve the Wellington Shire area. A large portion of the budget is covered by state and federal government grants and the remainder must be made up for by rates. 

Contrary to popular belief, council rates are not calculated solely on the basis of property valuation and rates do not automatically increase as property value increases. The value of the property is only used to calculate the percentage of the budget that the residents need to pay to ensure that the Wellington Shire Council can continue to provide well maintained roads and public areas, new facilities and a range of services. 

Rates notices are usually issued by the end of July each year for the period 1 July to 30 June and are assessed annually by the council.


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