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Customer Service Charter

Wellington Shire Council has adopted a Customer Service Charter outlining our commitment to all of our customers.


Our Commitment to You

Wellington Shire Council is committed to working in partnership with the community, to deliver excellent service through dedication, innovation and continuous improvement.  All staff are equipped and trained to meet fundamental performance standards. All requests and queries will receive an informative response within an appropriate timeframe.

We will:

  • Have our customer service counters attended at all times during business hours and customer service staff will display name badges
  • Be well presented and punctual when representing our council
  • Communicate clearly, accurately and in plain language
  • Ensure you are treated in a courteous and professional manner
  • Provide choice in our delivery methods where practical so that our services are accessible across the community
  • Make decisions that are consistent, fair and in line with Council policies and relevant legislation
  • Treat you as an individual and seek to understand your needs


Face to Face Communication

We will ensure you are treated in a courteous and professional manner.

Written Communication

We will:

  • Respond to your written communication, including faxes and emails within 10 working days. (Interim responses will be issued in the event of a particularly complex enquiry)
  • Include full council contact details in all written correspondence in case further information is required
  • Provide a follow-up service to make sure your enquiry has been properly dealt with

Telephone Communication

We will:

  • Answer all calls promptly and try to resolve inquiries immediately
  • When transferring your call to the relevant department, we will introduce the call providing your name and other relevant details
  • Ensure there is a facility for you to leave a message where calls cannot be responded to immediately.  Calls will be returned within 1 business day
  • We will provide an automated after hours telephone service including the ability to transfer to on-call officers in cases of emergency


Corporate Web Site

We will provide a comprehensive website for our customers and ensure that all information is correct and relevant at the time of publication.


Customer Action Requests (CARS)

Please use our Customer Action Request Form (CARS) when asking us for a service or action.  These requests will be responded to within 10 working days and are formally logged in our CARS System for reference.  To recognise what qualifies CARS from a complaint, the following examples are provided:

  • Reports of damaged, hazardous or faulty infrastructure (for example: pot holes, fallen trees)
  • A request for works or services, eg. missed bin collection - unless it is a second request where there has been failure to take action after the request has been received, or the response was unsatisfactory
  • An expression or feedback concerning the general direction or performance of the Council or its elected representatives
  • Reports concerning an event, service or business for which we are not responsible
  • The lodgement of an appeal or objection in accordance with a standard procedure or policy, eg. a development application approval
  • A request for a review or waiver of a penalty infringement notice (PIN) issued under Council’s Local Laws or other legislation is not deemed a complaint unless it is about the conduct of an officer issuing the PIN. All requests for a waiver or review are dealt with under a separate standard operating procedure

If your issue or complaint does meet one of the above definitions, we can best respond through a CARS form.



We can help you with your complaint if it is regarding:

  • Processes: This relates to dissatisfaction with issues such as delays, service charges, or an agreed practice covered by a procedure
  • Employees/Contractors: This relates to dissatisfaction with the behaviour of a council employee/contractor or a mistake made by an employee
  • Quality of Service: Generally related to the quality of the finished job, such as service not being up to an expected standard

Note:  Anonymous complaints will generally only be acted on where the matter is relatively serious and there is sufficient information for an investigation to be undertaken.  They are referred to the relevant Manager, who will decide if any further action should be taken.

Formal complaints may be submitted using the Customer Complaint Form.


How You Can Help Us

  • Provide us with complete, accurate and detailed information; your full name and contact details, when making request and advise us of any changes. (If you choose to remain anonymous we are unable to contact you)
  • Provide clear details of your request including your location
  • Focus on the facts of your request or query, to provide us with a clear understanding of the issue
  • Make an appointment when there is a complex enquiry or a need to see a relevant  Council Officer
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect



As a customer of our council, you can expect to have your privacy respected and personal information protected under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Under the Privacy Act we will not disclose information to any person or organisation without your consent unless required by law to do so.


Improving Our Service

Wellington Shire Council is committed to continuous service improvement. If you feel that our service standards have not been met, please contact Council using one of our nominated contact methods and an appropriate investigation will be conducted.


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