Council Elections

Ordinary council elections are conducted on the fourth Saturday in October and are held on a 4 yearly basis. The election process is coordinated by the Victorian Electoral Commission, with additional information relating to boundaries, enrolment, election results etc. available directly from the VEC website.

The Wellington Shire Council’s general election was held on Saturday 22 October 2016, at which time all nine Councillor positions from the unsubdivided municipality were decided for a four year term.

The next Wellington Shire Council general election will take place in October 2020.

Following the 2015 Electoral Representation Review, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) returned a recommendation that was later gazetted by the Minister for Local Government to alter the existing municipal structure from unsubdivided to a three ward structure, each with three councillors.  These wards have been named as Northern, Central and Coastal.


Election Campaign Donation Returns

The 2016 Election Campaign Donation Returns (275KB) document gives details of any gifts received by the candidate, or on behalf of the candidate. This is during the election period, used for or in connection with the election campaign. This includes goods or services.


Could I be a Councillor?

You could be a Wellington Shire Councillor if you are:

  • Interested in improving your community
  • An Australian Citizen
  • Aged 18 years or older on election day
  • A resident or ratepayer of Wellington Shire

There are some excellent resources available to help candidates understand local government, the role of a councillor, what it takes to become a councillor and much more. There are helpful hints and tips designed to help candidates with their campaigns.

Resources include:


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