Council Committees

We have established several committees to assist Council and the community in a number of areas. We are also represented on many community committees. 

Our Register of Committees (925KB) lists the following:

  • Council Advisory Committees
  • Special Committees
  • Committees of other Organisations (Delegations)

Council Advisory Committees

Consist of community members, Council Officers and Councillors who provide advice on a range of issues including projects, planning, policy, resource planning, disability and community access, community amenity and many other strategic community issues.

The Committee has no other authority or purpose other than to give information or advice to Council to assist it in our ultimate decision-making role. The Mayor may attend any meeting.


Audit & Risk Committee

Council’s Audit & Risk Committee has been established in accordance with the requirements of Section 139 of the Local Government Act 1989. It is a formally appointed committee of the Council and is responsible to that body, meeting at least 4 times a year. It does not have executive powers or authority to implement actions in areas over which management has responsibility and does not have any delegated financial responsibility. It also does not have any management functions and is therefore independent of management.

The Audit & Risk Committee provides reporting and appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to our Charter in order to facilitate decision making by Council in relation to the discharge of its responsibilities.

Members of the Audit & Risk Committee and their terms are: Mr Peter Craighead - October 2019, Mr Chris Badger - October 2020, Ms Michelle Dowsett - October 2021 and 2 Councillors appointed annually (currently Councillor Alan Hall and Councillor Garry Stephens).

The Audit & Risk Committee Charter (80KB) includes further information on the terms of reference and a list of duties and responsibilities.


Special Committees

Under the Local Government Act 1989, in addition to any Advisory Committees that we may establish, Council may create one or more special committees made up of any combination of Councillors; Council staff and other people. The Council may by Instrument of Delegation, delegate its functions, duties or powers to a special committee, though this is subject to certain restrictions. The Mayor may attend any meeting.


Committees of other Organisations (Delegates)

Councillors are often requested/required to represent Council via participation on Committees formed by other organisations.

Wellington Shire Council is a member of Rural Councils Victoria (RCV).

RCV’s program, Networked Rural Councils is funded by Regional Development Victoria and managed by RCV through the Municipal Association of Victoria.

These funds are targeted at five work streams which reflect the needs and interests of rural councils. They are: Governance and Advocacy, Networking and information sharing, Policy and research, Training and capacity building and Attraction and retention.

Cr Malcolm Hole is a member of the RCV Executive Committee.


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