Town Maps and Profile

Town Name District Population Map
Alberton 260* Alberton Map (848KB)
Boisdale 480* Boisdale Map (501KB)
Briagolong 1,075* Briagolong Map (711KB)
Coongulla 297*  Coongulla Map (742KB)
Cowwarr 376* Cowwarr Map (557KB)
Dargo 148* Dargo Map (672KB)
Glenmaggie 289* Glenmaggie Map (761KB)
Golden/Paradise Beach 330*  Golden Beach Map (868KB)
Gormandale 443*  Gormandale Map (568KB)
Heyfield 1,459  Heyfield Map (1MB)
Hollands Landing 194*  Hollands Landing Map (619KB)
The Honeysuckles The Honeysuckles Map (617KB)
Licola 29  Licola Map (546KB)
Loch Sport 689  Loch Sport Map (877KB)
Longford 1,333*  Longford Map (1MB)
Maffra 4,262  Maffra Map (1MB)
Manns Beach Manns Beach Map (384KB)
McLoughlins Beach McLoughlins Beach Map (532KB)
Munro 176*  Munro Map (482KB)
Newry 429*  Newry Map (546KB)
Paradise/Golden Beach 330*  Paradise Beach Map (716KB)
Port Albert 247  Port Albert Map (833KB)
Robertsons Beach 360*  Robertsons Beach Map (501KB)
Rosedale 1,133  Rosedale Map (1MB)
Sale 13,186  Sale Map (2MB)
Seacombe 24  Seacombe Map (645KB)
Seaspray 316  Seaspray Map (678KB)
Seaton 215*  Seaton Map (659KB)
Stratford 1,667  Stratford Map (1MB)
Tarraville 360*  Tarraville Map (628KB)
Tinamba 483*  Tinamba Map (498KB)
Woodside Beach 488*   Woodside Beach Map (524KB)
Woodside 488*  Woodside Map (716KB)
Wurruk 1,077 Wurruk Map (945KB)
Yarram 2,168  Yarram Map (1MB)

*Town Population figures above have been sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census and, in many cases, include neighbouring districts. To view these figures and additional statistics in full please visit the Australian Bureau of Statistics Community Profile webpage.

Catchment Profiles

Profiles have been developed for 9 separate catchment areas across Wellington Shire. The profiles contain summary information including; population statistics, housing, labour force, service and natural environment information. The catchments are based on the state suburb classification according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In addition to these profiles, further statistics are available by contacting our Coordinator Social Planning and Policy on 1300 366 244.

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