Community Planning

What is Community Planning?

A Community Plan identifies a community’s vision for its future and establishes what actions it can take to promote and achieve that vision. 

Community Plans generate many benefits including, a mechanism that creates a sense of ownership and allows communities to acknowledge their identity, brings different perspectives together and fosters collaborative processes and partnerships.

Council’s commitment and involvement in assisting communities to undertake Community Planning is through the formation and running of Community Planning Groups (CPGs).  The CPG process has been active for over ten years. 

Presently, Council is undertaking a review of the CPG process. It is envisaged that the review will identify more effective (or different) ways of achieving Community Planning with a refreshed model and framework readily available in early 2019.


Community Planning Groups

Most towns have a CPG that drives the Community Planning process in identifying the key priorities for that community. CPGs are open to any resident or stakeholder who is interested in shaping the future of your community.

CPGs consult broadly with their local community to ensure their Community Plan reflects the unbiased views of the majority. Each key priority is thoroughly considered for:

  • Feasibility of delivery and/or actioning;
  • Identifying partners/stakeholders;
  • Listing actions and who will undertake them; and
  • Developing a timeframe around each action.

Once planning is complete for each key priority, they are documented within a Community Plan and presented to Council for endorsement.  

Following endorsement, the Community Plan becomes activated by the CPG who monitor and facilitate the implementation of the projects listed in the plan.  The Community Plan is available within each community and is also listed on Council’s Community Planning web page.


Community Plans

CPG Name Community Plan 
Boisdale and District Progress Association  Boisdale & District Community Plan (1MB)
Golden and Paradise Beach Ratepayers Association  Golden Beach Community Plan (1MB)
Heyfield CPG Heyfield Community Plan (1MB) 
Licola CPG  Licola Community Plan (1MB)
Loch Sport CPG 

Loch Sport Community Plan (868KB) 

Loch Sport Community Plan Priorities (179KB)

Mann's Beach CPG  Manns Beach Community Plan (17KB) 
Meerlieu and District Rural Community Group  Meerlieu and District Community Plan (8MB) 
Port Albert Progress Association Port Albert and Langsborough Community Plan (293KB) 
Robertson's Beach and Tarraville Communities Neighbourhood Management Group Inc.  Robertsons Beach and Tarraville Communities, Community Plan (371KB) 
Rosedale CPG  Rosedale Community Plan (2MB) 
Stratforward  Stratford Community Plan (1MB) 
Wurruk Harmony Group Wurruk and Pearsondale Community Plan (4MB) 

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining one of these dynamic groups in your community, please contact the group directly (email contact details are available by clicking on the name of each CPG listed on this web page).

For further information on Community Planning, please contact Council’s Social Planning and Engagement Officer on 1300 366 244.


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