Community Newsletters

Community Newsletters are published by local groups, using Council funding to provide broad community news and information, with an aim to increase connections between community members and to decrease community isolation.

During early 2020, Council will be revising the current Community Newsletter Contributions Grant process and all associated requirements.  Following completion and confirmation of all changes, detailed information will be posted on this webpage (please check back regularly).  

As part of Council’s commitment to a more sustainable future, including reduction in energy use and carbon emissions Council strongly encourages the reduction of hard copy printing, wherever possible, through increased use of digital media (email, website download) for Community Newsletter distribution.

For further information, please contact Council’s Social Planning and Engagement Officer on 1300 366 244.


2019 - 2020 Community Newsletters List

Wellington Shire Council supports the following community newsletters who are current recipients of the Community Newsletter Contributions Grant.

Please note that Council is not responsible for Community Newsletter content. If you have any Newsletter queries and/or would like to submit an article/information for publication inclusion, please email or telephone the Newsletter Editor directly through the details provided within each edition.

Publication Latest Edition
Boisdale - The Bridge The Bridge (1MB)
Celebrate Seaspray Celebrate Seaspray (438KB)
Dargo Bush Bulletin

Dargo Bush Bulletin (4MB)

Heyfield News Heyfield News (2MB)
Letts Beach News
Letts Beach News (28MB)
Loch Sport Link Loch Sport Link (3MB)
Port Albert Tattler Port Albert Tattler (7MB)
The Yarram Drum The Yarram Drum (4MB)


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