Community Newsletters

Community Newsletters are published by local groups and provide community news and information. There are a number of newsletters in production across Wellington Shire, all of which contain useful information relevant to their specific towns and regions.

Wellington Shire Council supports the following community newsletters, but is not responsible for the content. If you would like to submit content for a community newsletter, please email or telephone the newsletter editor directly.


Publication Contact
Latest Edition
Boisdale - The Bridge (Monthly)


0437 109 362 or email Ken Roberts

Last week of previous month
The Bridge
Briagolong Redgum Review (Monthly excl. January)
(03) 5145 5425 or email The Editor
First day of each month
Briagolong Redgum Review
Cowwarr Chronicle (Monthly)
0412 085 076  or email Ann Gibbs
Last week of previous month
Cowwarr Chronicle
Dargo Bush Bulletin (Fortnightly)
(03) 5140 1333 or email Karen Kane
Friday of the week before

Dargo Bush Bulletin

Gormandale Community News (Monthly)
(03) 5197 7264 or email The Coordinator
Last week of the previous month
Gormandale Community News
Heyfield News (Weekly)
(03) 5148 2100 or email Maureen Beha
Monday 4.30pm
Not available online
Letts Beach News (Quarterly)
0427 463 486 or email Kaye Jenkins
The 12th of the previous month  Letts Beach News (19MB)
Loch Sport Link (Bi-Monthly)
(03) 5146 0145 or email Mandy Johnson The 15th of the previous month
Loch Sport Link (40MB)
Meerlieu and District Community Newsletter (First week of each season)
(03) 5157 7507 or email Rose Mehar Two weeks prior
Meerlieu Newsletter
Port Albert Tattler (Monthly)
Email Alexis Curry First day of each month
Port Albert Tattler (7MB)
Seaspray and District Newsletter (Bi-Monthly)
0425 843 538 or email Anne Guilfoyle Mid previous month
Seaspray and District Newsletter (502KB)
Stratford Town Crier (Bi-Monthly)
0419 518 277 or email Leanne Dugan   Stratford Town Crier (39MB)
The Yarram Drum (Monthly)
(03) 5182 6294 or email The Editor
The 20th of each month
The Yarram Drum


Council support for Community Newsletters

Wellington Shire Council provides support to community newsletters in recognition of the important role they play in strengthening community connections through the provision of community information.

Wellington Shire Council supports the work of volunteers by supplying a financial allocation from the Community Newsletter Support Fund. 


Criteria for eligibility as a Community Newsletter

The newsletter must:

  1. Service an entire local community within the Wellington Shire (not a single interest group or organisation)
  2. Must demonstrate accessibility for all community members to contribute to by:
    • Clearly identify to whom content can be given
    • Clearly state deadline dates for inclusion in to the next copy
    • Clearly state how individuals can become involved in the Newsletter Committee
  3. Be not-for-profit
  4. Involve volunteers
  5. Be distributed to the general public
  6. Have a committee that notifies Wellington Shire Council of any changes to publication, contact person or Editor

Clubs, schools, church or other organisation newsletters servicing a specific interest group are not eligible.

In order to keep a current edition of each community newsletter on the Wellington Shire Council website, a copy of each edition in pdf or print form needs to be sent at time of publication, to or CW Admin, Wellington Shire Council, PO Box 506 SALE VIC 3850. This is one of the conditions of the grant to ensure that the newsletters are available openly to the wider public.

Criteria for content of a Community Newsletter

The newsletter must:

  1. Not contain articles or pictures which promote prejudice or have an ability to offend – outside of a ‘letters to the editor’ page where names of the author are identified
  2. Allow any local group to advertise if they wish and fill the criteria for content
  3. Clearly identify to whom content can be given
  4. Must allow for ‘right of reply’ by groups or individuals effected by something that has been included in past newsletter
  5. Clearly state deadline dates for inclusion in to the next copy
  6. Clearly state how individuals can become involved in the Newsletter Committee
  7. Publish items of interest to your community as supplied by Wellington Shire Council
  8. Acknowledge Council’s support for your newsletter in each issue by including Council’s logo (unchanged) along with the words “This newsletter is supported by Wellington Shire Council”


Application for a Community Newsletter Grant

Funding is allocated on the basis of annual copies produced multiplied by a subsidy of 50cents (of up to $1,000).

The process for applying and receiving a Newsletter Grant begins in June and must be completed by the end of June the following year.

  1. Submit Acquittal for previous Newsletter Grant
  2. Submit Application for next year’s Newsletter Grant

Failure to meet the guidelines for eligibility and content will result in you being ineligible to access this Newsletter Grant in the future.  

Talk to our Community Grants Officer on 1300 366 244 for more information about the Grants.

Talk to our Community Engagement Officer for more information or to request training or support as a newsletter editor.


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