Waste Facilities

You know them as ‘tips’ and we call them transfer stations and landfills. 

Transfer stations are where you can take your rubbish and recyclables for transport to another location for processing or disposal. 

Landfills are where rubbish that cannot be recycled is disposed of by burying in carefully managed pits or cells. Our main landfill is located at Kilmany, and we have a smaller landfill at Maffra. Landfills are designed, built, operated and rehabilitated to meet strict Environment Protection Authority regulations to protect public health and the environment.


Our transfer stations and landfills are listed below. Operating hours, location and fees are available by clicking on the links:

Dargo Transfer Station
Heyfield Transfer Station
Kilmany Resource Recovery Centre and Landfill  
Loch Sport Transfer Station
Maffra Landfill
Seaspray Transfer Station
Stratford Transfer Station
Yarram Transfer Station

Recycling for local domestic users is available at Toward Zero’s Sale depot. See our Recycling page for more information.


Tip Concessions

We provide exemptions from tip fees to a limited number of charitable and service organisations. Locally based organisations are able to access concessions for up to 10 cubic metres of waste per financial year, per organisation. Please note, individuals are not eligible to apply. If your organisation is already receiving support from Council you also will not be eligible.

Please complete the below application form to determine your eligibility or for more information please contact Community Wellbeing Administration on 1300 366 244.

    Waste Disposal Exemption Form (Community Groups Only)

    Is this organisation a registered charity? * (required)
    Is your organisation not for profit? * (required)

    Applicant to understand issuance of a Waste Disposal Card
    This organisation understands that:
    The funds used to supply a Waste Disposal Card are wholly paid for by the ratepayers of Wellington Shire Council
    and that they have an obligation to ensure that this authorisation is only used to provide significant benefit to the community within the bounds of the Wellington Shire Council.
    I acknowledge that I must reapply each financial year and if eligible, I can only receive up to two cards each year * (required)
    The applicant consents to their name being provided to another member of the same organisation if further requests for a Waste Disposal Card are received within the same financial year. * (required)

    I acknowledge Wellington Shire Council's Privacy Statement. * (required)


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