Litter is not only unsightly, it is also hazardous to our environment and can create issues for public health and safety. Littering is illegal and can attract large fines. Clean up of litter and illegally dumped rubbish costs councils millions of dollars each year.

Litter can take many forms but, at its core, is any waste left in a place it ought not to be, including:

  • Lit and unlit cigarette butts dropped by people or thrown from cars
  • Beverage and food packaging dropped by people or thrown from cars
  • Misuse of public rubbish bins leading to overflows
  • Dumped hard and green waste from households, commercial enterprise or building construction
  • Household or commercial waste dumped in public rubbish bins or left outside waste facilities
  • Escaped waste from unsecured vehicle loads


What Council is Doing

  • Use of cameras at known litter and dumping hot spots to catch offenders
  • Working with Parks Victoria promote their user-pays rubbish collection service in designated campgrounds along the Ninety Mile Beach
  • Provide Secure Your Load information through gatehouses at our waste facilities


Reporting Offenders is Easy

Report illegal dumping, litter thrown from vehicles and unsecured loads:

  • Phone the EPA’s Litter Hotline on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842)
  • Online at the Environmental Protection Agency website
  • Use the EPA Report Litter phone app Environmental Protection Agency


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