Waste and Recycling

We operate 9 Waste Facilities across Wellington and provide a Kerbside Bin Collection service for recyclables and rubbish in declared collection areas. You know them as ‘tips’ and we call them transfer stations and landfills.

Resource recovery through Recycling reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, which saves the cost of building new landfills and reduces the impact on our environment. Sorting your load before you take it to the transfer station can save you money, as many recyclables are free or have a reduced fee. See our RecyclingFarm Waste and Hard Waste and Green Waste pages for more information. Our Reduce Reuse Recycle page offers advice on how to reduce your waste and donate, swap or sell items too good to throw away.

Some waste is hazardous to your health and to workers at our waste facilities, and cannot be disposed of in your kerbside bin or at some transfer stations. For home renovators and builders, safe Asbestos Removal and disposal is required by law.


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