Taking Sustainable Action

What Can You Do at Home

We can all take simple actions around our homes to live more sustainably and save money too.


12 Tips for Sustainable Action 
1. Use LED or compact fluro lights  7. Grow a vegie garden 
2. Take shorter showers  8. Buy efficient appliances 
3. Turn off lights and appliances  9. Reduce and recycle waste 
4. Install a solar hot water system  10. Shop for local produce 
5. Avoid food waste, shop with a list  11. Walk or ride a bike for short trips 
6. Compost kitchen scraps  12. Switch to greener energy 


What Businesses Can Do

The Carbon Compass website helps small, medium and large businesses save on energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and lessen the impact on our planet. See the business section of the Sustainability Victoria website for water, waste and energy efficiency programs and financial support information.


What Schools Can Do

Please see our Sustainable Living Education Program page for more information.


What You Can Do in Your Community

Taking action with others can be a rewarding and inspiring experience. There are a range of community groups in our shire that promote sustainable living and care for our environment. Visit Sustainability Gippsland to find a group or event near you.

Being part of a local Landcare group can give you access to knowledge, equipment and support to improve your land by dealing with pests, weeds, salinity and erosion, building healthy soils and protecting and replanting native vegetation. For more information contact your local Landcare network:

Coastcare is community volunteers caring for their coast. Coastcare volunteers identify local environmental problems and work together to achieve practical solutions.

The Heyfield Community Resource Centre provides advice and support to the local community on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

The Gippsland Climate Change Network is an incorporated not-for-profit network of around 50 diverse member organisations. It includes government departments and agencies, private businesses, community groups and other organisations, covering the 6 local government areas across Gippsland.


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