Sustainable Living Education Program

Schools and Early Years Education Program

Your school or kindergarten can participate in our education program with class visits to show you how to reduce waste, recycle and turn food scraps into valuable compost for growing a vegie garden. Guided excursions at our Kilmany Resource Recovery Centre and Landfill are also available. To register your interest please phone 1300 366 244.

Our Education Program supports the ResourceSmart Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative which provides practical support to schools and their communities to learn to live and work more sustainably.


Other programs we support that schools can access

  • The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation helps children around the country to get their hands dirty and learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.
  • Bug Blitz raises awareness about the wonders, mysteries, and importance of the world's biodiversity through hands-on activities in the field.


Community Events

Our sustainability team run and/or support a range of community activities including:

  • Clean Up Australia events 
  • Catch a Carp days
  • Ride to Work days
  • Tree planting days
  • Vegie garden and sustainable house tours
  • Sustainability workshops
  • Sustainability festivals
  • Eco pavilion at Maffra Show

We can provide advice on holding a sustainable event and supply bin caps to help with separating rubbish from recycling (which can be taken to your local transfer station for free). We may be able to support your event with our Sustainable Living Education Trailer or provide resource materials for you to use. Please phone 1300 366 244 to discuss your needs.

Council also provides funding for community events through a Community Assistance Grants Program.


Sustainable Living Education Trailer

The Sustainable Living Education Trailer is a mobile and interactive display of sustainable actions. The trailer visits schools and community events in Wellington Shire as a part of our education program. The trailer includes:

  • A solar-power standalone energy system to power the LCD screens and lap tops
  • Interactive displays for different age groups
  • Demonstrations and information films/DVD’s
  • Plenty of handout information on all areas of household sustainability

To enquire or book the Sustainability Living Education Trailer for your school or community event please phone 1300 366 244.


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