Our Sustainable Actions

Each day we take large and small actions, within Council and out in the community, to work towards a sustainable future.


Households and Communities


Business and Industry


Resource Efficiency

  • Wellington Street Lights Ahead replacing 2,250 mercury vapour street lights with LEDs reducing energy use by 77%. Further information is available in the Street Lights Ahead Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet (201KB)
  • Energy and water audits of Council facilities
  • Switch from bottled water to under sink filters in Council offices and depots
  • Three bin system in Council offices to separate recyclables and food waste from landfill
  • Lake Guthridge Sustainable Irrigation Project
  • Fleet initiatives such as Mayoral hybrid car, Electric Vehicle Trial, fleet policy with fuel efficiency and emissions standards
  • 100% recycled office paper
  • Recycled plastic bollards and signs for parks and paths


Natural Environment


Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2011-15

Council adopted our Environmental Sustainability Strategy (2MB) in 2011. Our vision is for Wellington to 'Advance together on the pathway towards environmental responsibility, taking practical action now for a sustainable future.'

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines Council’s commitment to our continuing journey towards environmental sustainability. It is about taking and supporting local action - doing our bit on our patch - living and working mindfully by using resources wisely and reducing our impact on the environment.

A key role for Council is to provide leadership by modelling the way, facilitating further conversations and action, supporting community efforts, and being a conduit for information and education.


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