Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is having a lifestyle that uses as few resources as possible with the least amount of environmental damage. This includes making environmentally better choices every day in what we do, what we buy, what we use and what we throw away.

If you are new to the practice, you can begin by learning about your own environmental impact and how to become a sustainable household.

Your area of interest may be gardening and composting, saving energy and water, or Reduce Reuse Recycle. Beyond the household, there are opportunities to learn about sustainability when enjoying the natural environment.

Local environmental groups can help you to learn about sustainability. Information about Council programs for schools, kindergartens, community groups are available on the Sustainable Living Education Program webpage.

Wellington Shire Council has a variety of environmental actions that support local actions and help people to understand sustainability, and reduce Council’s impact on the environment. But the we can’t do it alone, and we need the community to jump on-board and so we can all make positive change.

The new EcoNews is Wellington Shire Council's quarterly sustainability e-newsletter. It contains information on events, activities and initiatives. We encourage you to take a look and find out what you can do to be more sustainable!

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