Temporary Food Premises

Selling food at community events and markets is a great way to fundraise for community and not for profit organisations and good business promotion for local businesses. As with all food businesses however, the food prepared and sold at these events must be safe for consumption and your legal requirements met.

Community groups that hold a current Food Act registration at their canteen or clubrooms are required to register and lodge a Notification of the event on Streatreader. Community groups who do not currently hold a Food Act Registration are required to contact Council for advice on how to proceed with their event.

Community groups wishing to fundraise with food should consider foods that are easy to prepare and cook onsite and present few food safety hazards (eg. sausage sizzle, cake stall, jams and preserves, packaged drinks). Where possible the majority of preparation should be done prior to the event in a controlled environment.

Commercial businesses selling food at events in Wellington Shire must be registered with a Victorian Council. These businesses must notify Council of their intent to trade at an event by completing the Statement of Trade Form. Forms should be submitted a minimum of 5 working days prior to an event and be accompanied by proof of current registration.

Please note: Any person who is preparing and/or selling food for personal profit is required to be registered under the Food Act 1984.


Food Safety Programs

All commercial and community organisations preparing and/or selling food at an event that is unpackaged and high risk are required under the Food Act 1984 to implement a Food Safety Program (FSP). The coordinator must ensure that the program is adhered to at all times including monitoring of food temperatures and maintaining checklists for the event. 


Food Safety Training

While it is not essential for all food handlers to complete food safety training courses, it is highly recommended that at least one person present during the event has completed some form of food safety training.

It is important for all volunteers to understand the basic food safety principles and legal requirements when handling food. A simple and free online food safety training course is available at the Department of Health website.

Class 2 premises will be required to nominate a qualified Food Safety Supervisor.


Personal Hygiene of Food Handlers

Personal hygiene of food handlers is important to prevent food contamination and food poisoning. Everyone involved in the event must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Volunteers should not work with food if they are suffering from an illness such as coughs and colds or gastro.


Temperature Control

High risk foods such as meat, dairy, chicken and eggs need to be maintained cold at 50C or hot at or above 600C. Food being cooked should reach above 750C for 2 minutes.


Handling and Preparing Food

  • Ensure raw and ready to eat foods are clearly separated
  • Ensure ready to eat food is handled using clean utensils or fresh gloves
  • Ensure all equipment is in a clean and suitable condition

Hand and Equipment Washing Facilities

When handling unpackaged food at an event adequate hand washing facilities must be provided for food handlers. This area should be clearly designated for hand washing only. Temporary hand washing stations can be set up by providing a clean plastic drum with a tap at the base, clean water, soap and paper towel. Use a bucket to collect the used water and dispose of it in a sewer once the event is finished.

Utensil washing facilities should be provided at any event where there is unpackaged food. Utensils must be washed in clean hot water and adequately dried using clean towels.



All food served at an event should be labelled with the ingredients and where the food has been made for the customer's information. Labels should include the following information:

  • Name of the product
  • Ingredients
  • Who made the product and the organisation that has sold it
  • Best before dates or date of manufacture

Further information on labelling may be found on the Food Labelling page of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards website.


Event Organisers

Our Events Coordination Team can assist with the organisation of your event. Simply visit our Hosting an Event page and complete a Notification of an Event Form (128KB)

If you are the organiser of an event that has food sales involved, you have a responsibility to ensure that food vendors attending your event have met their legal requirements with Council. In order to notify Council of the event with food sales please complete the attached Notification of an Event with Food Sales Form (77KB) and return to Council at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Council will then assist you with distributing the correct information to the food vendors.


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