What is a Heatwave?

A Heatwave is a period of unusual and uncomfortably hot weather that can affect anybody. It can also affect community infrastructure such as the power supply, public transport and other services. In Australia, a heatwave is defined as a period of at least three days where the combined effect of high temperatures and excess heat is unusual within the local climate.

Heatwaves can make existing medical conditions worse and cause a heat related illness, which may be fatal.


Medical Advice


Important Heat Related Advice from Department of Health

The Department of Health website offers further heat related advice on their Heatwave page. They also offer a suite of Communication Resources to encourage and educate individuals and the community to be aware of the impact of extreme heat on human health.


Where Can I Find Information About:



For information on the weather forecast visit the Bureau of Meteorology’s website or call 1300 659 217.



Extreme heat conditions can affect bus, train and tram services. People using public transport are encouraged to check with local transport operators for up-to date information.

The V/Line website provides a list of bus and rail services and timetables or phone 1800 800 007. V/line service changes and updates are also available on the Planned Disruptions page.


Guide to Power Outages

For information about possible supply interruptions contact AusNet Services on 131 719 or visit the DELWP Power Outages page.

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