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Choosing Native Plants

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Making Your Native Plant List

For the best environmental outcome, revegetation projects should use a mix of plant species that would have made up the original vegetation community that grew on your land.

To find your local plant species you need to first find what Ecological Vegetation Classes occur on your land using the Biodiversity Interactive Map or use the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning homepage to search.

When you have found your Ecological Vegetation Communities Classes, you can go to Victorian Resources Online to find Ecological Vegetation Class Descriptions for the West Gippsland Region.

If you would like help to put together your plant list, contact your local Landcare network.

Environmental grants are available to assist landholders who would like to do environmental projects. See our Environmental Grants and Rebates page.

See our Sustainable Gardening page for tips on use of native vegetation in gardens.


Native Plant Nurseries

You can order your plants from a wholesale native nursery.  For large orders, allow 6 months for them to propagate the plants from your list. See the Yellow Pages for wholesale native nurseries your area.


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