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Relief and Recovery

We have a specific role to play in assisting in the recovery from the effects of disasters. Council chairs and coordinates the Wellington Recovery Committee. The membership of the committee includes representation from key agencies and volunteer organisations across the shire.



During emergencies we may establish a Relief Centre(s) to coordinate the short term needs of affected community members which include a range of services including, but not limited to, short term accommodation, meals, etc. A number of agencies would be involved to provide services.



A recovery centre may be established by us to coordinate contact and service delivery between affected community members and the range of services they require in order to recover from the emergency as quickly as possible. This generally focuses on the long term needs of affected communities. A number of agencies would be involved to provide services.

During emergencies we may activate our Recovery Information Line 1300 137 218.


Community Support

Our Emergency Contacts page has details on community support services which are available. 


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