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As a rural community, we all share the responsibility to plan and prepare for the possibility of bushfires. When fires do occur, they present a major threat to life and property within Wellington Shire.

It’s important to prepare and practice you own home emergency plans, have a home fire safety kit and to know where you will get reliable information during a fire. Plan what choices you will make if a fire starts near your home. Know when to leave, where you will go and how to safely get there. Your plans should include your pets, horses and other livestock.

The VicEmergency website has a wealth of resources to help you understand your fire risk and know what to do before and during a fire. The VicEmergency App includes warning and incident notifications for fire, flood, storm, earthquake, tsunami, weather warnings, shark sightings, beach closures and more. The app can be downloaded for free.

Wellington Shire is in the West and South Gippsland Fire District.


+ 1. Preparing Your Property

+ 2. Removing Native Vegetation and Trees

+ 3. Fire Prevention Inspections

+ 4. Fire Prevention Notices

+ 5. Fire Restrictions (Fire Danger Period)

+ 6. Fire Infringements

+ 7. Forced Fire Hazard Clearing

+ 8. Reporting a possible Fire Hazard

+ 9. Burning Off

+ 10. Planning and Building for Bushfire Protection

+ 11. Community Information Guides

+ 12. Bushfire Places of Last Resort

+ 13. Municipal Fire Management Plan


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