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Drought Relief

Household Water Cartage

In 2018, Gippsland experienced its driest year on record.

Wellington Shire Council is partnering with local water authorities and water carters to deliver household water to drought affected families.

Council was successful in an application for $1 million from the Commonwealth’s Drought Communities Program, which is targeted at drought affected communities.

Part of this funding is being used to cart potable water to farming households who rely on rainwater for their household water supply.

In addition to the free cartage, Gippsland Water and South Gippsland Water have also come on board to provide the household water to those farmers at a reduced cost.

The scheme allows producers to receive up to two deliveries of household water and only pay a reduced rate for the water. Cartage will be free.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions then you are eligible:

  • You have a current Property Identification Code (PIC number)
  • You rely on rainfall for your household water
  • Your water tank is currently able to take a delivery of at least 20,000 litres (ie. nearing empty)

Primary producers interested in taking advantage of the offer are asked to contact one of the locally based water carting contractors listed below:


Water Cartage Contractor  Contact No.  Area 
Gary Jones Transport  0427 482 533 or 5148 2533  Heyfield 
Kajak Water Cartage  0419 444 428 or 5144 7265  Sale 
R & C Cartage  0428 441 327 or 5144 1327  Sale 
JW & D Stracey  0409 805 921 or 5145 6545  Stratford 
Kiernan Tilt Tray Services  0417 052 256 or 5144 3374  Sale 
Yarram Concrete and Garden Supplies  0427 826 119 or 5182 5223  Yarram 
Sutherlands Concrete  0428 963 750 or 5182 5156  Yarram 
Hunter Management Yarram  0448 667 626  Yarram 
Dyers Distribution  5144 2822  Sale 


Fodder Assistance

Need for Feed is available through Lions Clubs, register for assistance online at


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