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Emergency Management

Council’s Role in Emergency Management

Wellington Shire Council has a legislated role in emergency management. We work closely with emergency services and community organisation's to better assist our community during the response and recovery phases to an emergency event.

The Council appoints a Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) that prepares the Municipal Emergency Management Plan, containing information about identified potential emergency risks and hazards within the municipality. The plan also contains general information about the prevention of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from the impacts of the identified risks and hazards.


Council’s Role in an Emergency

Depending on the severity of the emergency and the response required, Victoria Police will direct Wellington Shire Council to open and set up the Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC). The MECC is where Council's emergency resources are managed.

The location of a significant emergency may mean that residents are unable to return to their homes for a period of time. Based on local need, Council may then open an Emergency Relief Centre in a suitable location.

The function of an Emergency Relief Centre is to provide immediate support to people affected by the emergency, and may include food, shelter and registration, and act as a community meeting place. Emergency Relief Centres are opened in safe locations after all details of the specific emergency situation are known.

Council also performs other roles in an emergency such as impact assessments, road/tree clearing, traffic management support, animal welfare services, assist in distributing warnings and information to the public and media.

During and following an emergency, Council also has a specific role in Relief and Recovery.


Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) is a statutory requirement of Council which identifies the main risks inherent within the Wellington Shire. Major identified risks such as fireheatwave and pandemic influenza have their own specific sub-plans.

This living document is guided by the Wellington Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee, and addresses the prevention of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from emergencies within the Wellington Shire Council. It is the result of the cooperative efforts of the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee and community input.



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