Local Laws Permits

Information regarding permit types under Wellington Shire Council’s Local Law No. 2-5, fees associated with permits and how to apply for a permit.



+ Droving of Livestock

+ Grazing of Livestock

+ Keeping Animals

+ Movement of Livestock



+ Occupation of Caravan during construction of dwelling



+ Light an Outdoor Fire (Burn Permit)



Before applying please read our Roadside Trading Guidelines (3MB). There are 5 categories of roadside trading, please refer to the category of trading that most describes your trading activities.

+ Event Trading

+ Mobile Trading - Designated Locations

+ Not for Profit Trading

+ Street Stall Fundraising

+ Temporary Trading


Street and Footpath

+ Alfresco Dining (With or without endorsement to serve alcohol)

+ Bulk Rubbish Containers

+ Busking Activities

+ Collection on Roads

+ Portable Advertising/Display Goods for Sale

+ Street Parties, Festivals, Procession or Events


If you would like to apply for a different Local Law permit that is not mentioned above or for any further information regarding Local Laws permits, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 366 244.


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