Disabled Person's Parking Permit

Vehicle parking permits for disabled persons are available in the following categories:

Category One: A permit holder (driver/passenger) is entitled to park a vehicle in a bay reserved for disabled motorists only, for the specified time only, or may park a vehicle in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (upon payment of an initial parking fee if, applicable). White permit with blue printing.

Category Two: A permit holder (driver/passenger) may park a vehicle in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (upon payment of an initial parking fee, if applicable). White permit with green printing.

Category two permit holders are not permitted to park in disabled person's parking bays.

Disabled Persons Parking Permit - Conditions of Use

  • A permit is not valid beyond its expiry date or if the expiry date or the permit are not legible.
  • The parking entitlements applicable to the permit apply anywhere in Victoria. Reciprocal arrangements between States have been agreed to by the Australian Transport Advisory Council also apply.
  • The permit must be clearly displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the individual to whom the permit was issued. It cannot be used if the permit holder is not travelling in the vehicle.
  • When requested by an authorised officer, a driver using the permit must: State his/her name and address; Produce his/her name and address; Produce the relevant valid disabled person's permit; Show proof that he/she or a passenger in the vehicle is the permit holder; Move the vehicle from the reserved place, if the officer deems that the permit is invalid or that there is insufficient proof that the driver or a passenger in the vehicle is the permit holder.
  • A driver using the permit must either be the permit holder or must be parking the vehicle for the convenience of the permit holder who needs to enter or leave the vehicle.
  • The permit remains the property of the issuing Council and must be returned within seven (7) days of notification of such return being required.
  • A person may only hold one permit.
  • An organisation may hold more than one permit but must justify in writing to the Council the number of permits required or any increase in the number of permits required. An organisation may also hold a trip specific permit.

Permit Applications and Renewals

To apply for a new permit please complete the relevant application form below and return it to the Wellington Shire Council. Permanent disabled parking permits are issued for a 3 year period and the expiry date will be indicated on the permit label.

To renew your permit, please contact Council to determine the renewal requirements. Please note that renewal notices are not issued to permit holders. Temporary disabled parking permits are assessed and approved on individual circumstances at the councils discretion.

For any enquiries regarding Disabled Person's Parking Permits please contact the Wellington Shire Council on 1300 366 244.

Disabled Person's Parking Permit Application Form (Individuals) (202KB)
Disabled Person's Parking Permit Application Form (Organisations) (245KB)

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