Animal Registration

Receive Your Notice via Email
You can now receive your animal notice by email. Choosing to receive your Animal Notice by email rather than by paper means a faster, more efficient delivery of your statement with less impact on the environment. If you prefer to receive your Animal Notice via email, visit

Any cat or dog residing in Wellington Shire must be microchipped and registered from 3 months of age.

Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 animal registrations run from 10 April each year and must be renewed annually.

+ 1. Register your Dog or Cat

+ 2. Renewing your Dog or Cat Registration

+ 3. Update my Animal Details

+ 4. Change of Ownership of Animal

+ 5. Registration Tags

+ 6. Failure to Renew Registration

+ 7. Registration and Renewal Fees

+ 8. Pension Concession

+ 9. Microchipping

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