Animals and Pets

Council is required to meet a number of obligations relating to animal management under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Our Local Laws Department is responsible for the animal management functions of Wellington Shire Council. Our Local Laws staff actively promote responsible pet ownership and respond to requests received from the public to deal with domestic animal and livestock matters.

Each year, we manage around 3,000 Customer Action Requests from our residents which relate to animal control and management issues. Some of the animal related matters that we are called to attend to include:

  • Complaints regarding barking dogs
  • Stray and wandering dogs
  • Cats and dogs which need to be returned to their owners or impounded at the Council pound
  • Dog bite and dog rush incidents
  • Dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs
  • Neighbourly disputes regarding dogs and cats
  • Breeding and boarding establishment (including Domestic Animal Businesses)
  • Wandering cats

Council also manages a wide range of services relating to livestock. More information about livestock can be found on our Livestock page.

+ 1. I would like to submit a Customer Action Request

+ 2. What can I do if I have a cat trespassing on my property?

+ 3. Domestic Animal Businesses (DAB's)

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