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2017 Wellington Youth Art Prize Winners Announced

Last Update: Thu 8 June 2017
Over 100 young artists across the Shire, entered their work into the Wellington Youth Art Prize competition.The winners were announced at a well-attended gathering at the Maffra Exhibition Space on Thursday 1 June and the entries will be exhibited until Monday 24 July.

A day out for drought affected women in agriculture

Last Update: Wed 27 March 2019
Wellington Shire Council is looking for deserving rural women in our community who need or would love a day out!


Abandoned/Unregistered Vehicles

Last Update: Wed 25 July 2018
Wellington Shire Council invites tenders for the purchase of seven (7) abandoned vehicles currentlyimpounded by Council.


Acacia Court Reserve

Last Update: Wed 10 April 2013
This small reserve features a playground, grassed areas and a walking path. For any enquiries regarding this facility please contact the Wellington Shire Council on 1300 366 244.

Accommodation Regulations

Last Update: Tue 16 December 2014
Regulations, guidelines and legal requirements for accommodation services and caravan parks in Wellington Shire Council.

Adults now required to be in the water with children under five

Last Update: Mon 26 November 2018
Parents of children under five years old will have to be in the water with their children at Wellington pools this summer swim season, in line with new Safer Public Pools Code of Practice. The Code of Practice reinforces the professional expectation of the Victorian Aquatic Industry.

African Love Grass removal continues at Providence Ponds

Last Update: Thu 4 October 2018
Wellington Shire Council is continuing to work with the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority to target roadside African Love Grass at Providence Ponds and the Perry River catchment area.

Age-friendly communities given a boost!

Last Update: Fri 17 February 2017
Following on from the hugely successful Age-friendly lunches held towards the end of last year, Council has followed up on a number of the suggestions that were put forward from the conversations and discussions with interested community groups and organisations.

Agencies to report fire trespassers to police

Last Update: Wed 23 January 2019
The bushfire south east of Rosedale is now under control, but many local roads and tracks in the direct vicinity of the fire are still closed to the public.


Airly-Clydebank Public Hall

Last Update: Mon 9 September 2019
This community hall is available for hire. For any enquiries regarding this facility please contact 0427 498 371.
education_program_semester_1_2013.pdf (431KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_auslan_key_word_sign_poster.pdf (944KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_cafe_communication_board.pdf (885KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_communication_booklet.pdf (675KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_customer_service_communication_board.pdf (540KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_gym_communication_board.pdf (485KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_money_communication_board.pdf (736KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_swim_communication_board.pdf (466KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

aqua_energy_word_board.pdf (249KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

education_membership_flyer_2013.pdf (265KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

education_poster_list_2013.pdf (666KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

education_resource_ancestral_power_and_the_aesthetic.pdf (1MB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

education_resource_animal_kingdom.pdf (1MB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

education_resource_bill_young_landscape_and_comfort_paintings.pdf (908KB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013

education_resource_dreamweavers.pdf (1MB)
Last Update: Tue 7 May 2013