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Sustainability Survey


Seeking contributions to the Wellington Shire Council Sustainability Survey

Wellington Shire Council has prepared a short survey to assist with the identification of key focus areas in preparation for the Wellington Shire Draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2020-2024.

Please access the Sustainability Survey here.


Achievements so far:

Wellington Shire Council has undertaken a range of initiatives to work towards it's long term vision:

  • 50% reduction in streetlight energy use over 7 years, due to a large scale streetlight LED replacement project.
  • 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions generated from Wellington Shire Council vehicle fleet in 7 years
  • Installation of Solar PV Energy to Wellington Shire Council assets.
  • 120 megalitres of potable water savings per year (cost savings of $180,000 per annum) through the Lake Guthridge Sustainable Irrigation Project.
  • Delivery of Sustainability and Waste Management education across Wellington Shire.

Your contribution to the Wellington Shire Council Sustainability Survey will help to develop the Draft Sustainability Strategy 2020-2024. 

Submissions for Feedback on the Draft Sustainability Strategy will be available in late 2019.

Closing Date: 31/08/2019