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Heyfield Town Tree Plan

You are invited to nominate a new or replacement tree to be planted on your nature strip as part of the Heyfield Town Tree Plan and Street Tree Planting Program.

Please view the attached information below or click here to access the Heyfield Town Tree Plan.

To provide your feedback, simply follow these steps:

  • View the plan and familiarise yourself with the preferred tree species.
  • Find your property and look for the marked red and yellow dots (yellow shows where an existing nature strip tree will be removed and replaced and red dots show where a new nature strip tree will be planted).
  • For each dot(s) marked on the nature strip outside of your property, please use the form below to nominate your preferred tree to be planted.

Please note: if you don't mind which of the preferred trees is planted on your nature strip, or if Council do not receive your preference before Friday 29 November 2019, Officers will nominate a preferred tree from the options provided on your behalf.

    Heyfield Town Tree Nomination Form

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    Closing Date: 29/11/2019