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Thanks Maffra for your help – Now it’s time to decide parking

Monday 27 November 2017

Wellington Shire Council received strong positive community feedback for planned Maffra streetscape works, and is now asking the community to decide on street parking.

Council’s Manager Built Environment John Tatterson congratulated the Maffra community on its level of input into the proposed streetscape upgrades, with 286 official responses to the survey that was open for four weeks including two drop-in sessions.

“Thank-you to all the Maffra residents who made an effort to have their voice heard on these plans, whether they visited us during one of the drop-in sessions or did their own research and completed the survey online,” Mr Tatterson said.

“The survey results told us that there was strong support for the street improvements, while maintaining Maffra’s character and ambiance.”

A total of 66% of respondents preferred the existing aged concrete footpaths be replaced with a style of exposed aggregate borders infilled with a dark and neutral coloured concrete.

The survey results confirmed locals wanted changes to the pedestrian crossing to make it feel safer. To facilitate this, the crossing will be upgraded, lighting improved and the arbours removed. The pedestrian crossing will also be extended over the service lanes.

A total of 67% of respondents also said they wanted enhanced open space within the median near the rotunda and around the Post Office corner. This project will be progressed separately, as the bulk of the works commence.

While most outcomes have now been decided by the community, Council is looking for further community feedback to gauge whether the community wants to keep current parking arrangements, or change to angle parking.

“While we sought feedback in the original survey, results were very close and the information provided was only indicative of a small section of the street. We’re now providing a full set of plans so people can assess how the two parking options would function across the whole street,” Mr Tatterson said.

“The survey will be available online from now until Friday, 15 December.

“Option 1 is keeping the status quo, which is the parallel parking with 244 spaces.

“Option 2 is to change to angle parking, providing 235 spaces and expected to increase the occupancy rate, as generally considered easier to get in and out of and provide safer access for people to get from their cars without the need to cross the traffic lanes.

“Both options have an increased amount and improved disabled parking.

“I urge all members of the Maffra community to have their say by filling out the Maffra Streetscape Parking Options Survey before the deadline.”

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