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Seaspray is located on the Ninety Mile Beach and has a population of approximately 300 residents, which swells considerably during the summer holiday period.

The Ninety Mile Beach is Seaspray's main attraction and is popular for fishing, surfing and swimming. The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving Club patrol the beach during the summer holiday season.

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, Seaspray VIC 3851

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Memorial Park Seaspray  (Parks and Reserves, )

Bearup Street, Seaspray

Feature: BBQ Area, Parking, Playground, Seating, 

Seaspray Carpark Reserve Public Toilets  (Public Toilets, )

Foreshore Road, Seaspray

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, 

Seaspray Public Hall  (Halls, )

Futcher Street, Seaspray

Feature: Available for Hire, Parking, Seating, Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), 

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