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Rosedale is located near the Latrobe River and has a growing population of approximately 1,500 people. Located on the Princes Highway, it is a popular stop with tourists who enjoy the variety of specialty shops, cafes, pubs and parks.

Rosedale is a town ideal for young families due to its close proximity to both Sale and Traralgon, and rail services which link the town to Melbourne. It contains a primary school, and also the Rosedale Community Centre which includes a library. It also features sporting facilities including golf course, equestrian grounds, a speedway, rifle range, recreation reserve and swimming pool.

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, Rosedale VIC 3847

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Edward Crooke Park  (Parks and Reserves, )

Cansick Street, Rosedale

Feature: Parking, Seating, Playground, 

Prince Street Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, Public Toilets, )

Prince Street, Rosedale

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, BBQ Area, Accessible Path of Travel, Accessible Toilets, Seating, Playground, Skate Park, 

Queen Street Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

Queen Street, Rosedale

Feature: Parking, Seating, Playground, 

Rosedale CBD Car Park  (Parks and Reserves, Public Toilets, )

Between Prince Street and Queen Street, Rosedale

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, Accessible Path of Travel, Accessible Toilets, Seating, 

Rosedale Indoor Stadium  (Leisure Centres, )

Cricket Street, Rosedale

Feature: Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), Parking, Accessible Parking, Accessible Toilets, Seating, Available for Hire, 

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Rock, Rhythm and Rhyme at Rosedale Library

Friday 23 March

Nursery rhymes, action songs, music and simple stories designed to entertain and develop pre-literacy skills for babies and toddlers.

Wellington Libraries School Holiday Event (Rosedale Library)

Tuesday 3 April

Visit your local library these school holidays for a session all about just how wonderful picture books are - then sit down and create your very own to take home.

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Rosedale Revitalisation Project  - $1,500,000

Where:  Princes Highway , Rosedale