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Maffra is a quiet, quaint rural village located on the Macalister River and has a population of approximately 5,000. The town features a beautiful, tree-lined main street with a variety of specialty shops and cafes.

The town contains many parks, schools, sporting reserves (including an 18 hole golf course) and a scenic wetlands area. It is a popular place for families due to its close proximity to Sale and also the Latrobe Valley. It is also popular with backpackers who are able to find work on local dairy and vegetable farms.

Maffra features a thriving industrial base, and includes a Murray Goulburn milk processing plant which is the towns main employer.

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, Maffra VIC 3860

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Cameron Court Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

Corner Cameron Court, Dwyer Court and McAdam Street, Maffra

Feature: Parking, Playground, 

Cameron Sporting Complex  (Parks and Reserves, )

Morison Street, Maffra

Feature: Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), Parking, Accessible Path of Travel, Accessible Parking, Accessible Toilets, Seating, Playground, 

Fred Drury Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

Carpenter Street, Maffra

Feature: Parking, Seating, Playground, 

Island Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

McMahon Drive, Maffra

Feature: Parking, Seating, Skate Park, 

Johnson Street Public Toilets  (Public Toilets, )

Johnson Street, Maffra

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, Accessible Toilets, 

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Lego Beach at Maffra Library

Monday 22 January

Join us for open-house beach-themed Lego and Crafts during the January school holidays

Game On! School Holiday Program at Maffra Library

Thursday 25 January

Head along to your local library and join in the games!

Maffra Immunisation Session

Tuesday 13 February

We provide all people working and residing within Wellington with a funded immunisation program in line with the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Rotary Club of Maffra Mardi Gras

Saturday 17 March

A fund raising event for community organisations and clubs in the Wellington Shire. It's the Wellington Shire's longest running community event with next year being it's 60th birthday! Be part of history by having an entrant from your community organisations and club in next year's Mardi Gras.

Victorian Graded Driven Dressage Championships

Saturday 14 April

Competitors are required to drive their horse and carriage combinations in two tests in separate 100m x 40m arenas. This will determine ‘State Champions’ in each class of single and multiple turnouts. This sport is ideal for all equestrian enthusiasts.

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George Gray Centre Inc. (Maffra)

    • Disability, Access and Inclusion Groups

(03) 5147 2221

Maffra Croquet Club (Maffra)

    • Sport and Recreation Clubs

(03) 5141 1253

(03) 5147 2114

Maffra Rotary Club (Maffra)

    • Community Groups

0419 533 680

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