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Longford is located 8km from Sale, with the area well known as the onshore production base for ESSO-BHP Billiton who operate 3 gas plants and 1 crude oil stabilisation plant, being the receiving point for oil and gas output from nearby Bass Strait.

Longford is also home to the Sale Golf Club, with views over the internationally accredited Sale Common wetlands.

The National Trust classified historic Swing Bridge is located near Longford at the junction of the Latrobe and Thomson Rivers. It is the oldest surviving swing bridge in Australia and is regarded as one of the engineering wonders of Victoria.

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, Longford VIC 3851

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Longford Community Centre  (Halls, )

Longford-Loch Sport Road, Longford

Feature: Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), Parking, Seating, Playground, 

Longford Public Hall  (Halls, )

Longford-Loch Sport Road, Longford

Feature: Available for Hire, Parking, Seating, Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), 

Longford Recreation Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

Longford-Loch Sport Road, Longford

Feature: Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), Parking, Seating, 

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Longford Primary School Gala Auction Fiesta

Saturday 20 October

Longford Primary School's 2018 fundraising gala is a fiesta, with prizes, raffles, live auction, silent auction, piñata, best dressed and more.

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Sale Golf Club (Longford)

    • Sport and Recreation Clubs


Sale Pistol Club (Longford)

    • Sport and Recreation Clubs

0401 880 502

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