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A charming village located beside the Macalister River, Licola is owned by the Lions Club of Victoria and is the starting point for exploration into the Gippsland High Country. Licola has a population of approximately 30 people.

The Lions Wilderness Village is situated in the heart of the Licola township and provides accommodation and constructive activities for school groups, young people, special needs groups and disadvantaged children.

Now a popular location for fisherman, 4WD enthusiasts and campers, Licola is a place for nature lovers with great bushwalking tracks through the Alpine Country.

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, Licola VIC 3858

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Licola Community Meeting Room  (Halls, Public Toilets, )

Jamieson-Licola Road, Licola

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, BBQ Area, Accessible Toilets, Seating, Available for Hire, 

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