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The ‘Timber Town’ of Heyfield is situated 37km from Sale in the centre of Wellington Shire, and is a gateway to the Alpine National Park. Heyfield has a very rich timber industry and is home to the largest sawmill in the Southern Hemisphere, which is the principal source of hardwood for Victoria. 

A pleasant rural township with a population of just over 2,000, Heyfield is situated on the Thomson River and services the timber, dairy and tourism industries. Thousands of tourists visit Lake Glenmaggie and the natural bushland located near Heyfield each year. 

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, Heyfield VIC 3858

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Gordon Street Recreation Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

Gordon Street, Heyfield

Feature: Toilets (Locked - Special Use Only), Parking, Accessible Toilets, Seating, 

Graves Court Reserve  (Parks and Reserves, )

Corner Graves Court, Wickham Court and Perry Court, Heyfield

Feature: Parking, Playground, 

Harbeck Street Public Toilets  (Public Toilets, )

Harbeck Street, Heyfield

Feature: Accessible Toilets, Accessible Path of Travel, Parking, Toilets (Public), 

Heyfield Library  (Libraries, )

42 Macfarlane Street, Heyfield

Feature: Parking, Accessible Path of Travel, Accessible Parking, Seating, 

Heyfield Lions Park  (Parks and Reserves, Public Toilets, )

George Street, Heyfield

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, BBQ Area, Accessible Path of Travel, Accessible Toilets, Seating, Playground, Skate Park, 

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Gippy Bulk Buy - Heyfield

Tuesday 24 July

Wellington Shire has teamed up with Community Power Hub Latrobe Valley and the Yarra Energy Foundation to provide the opportunity to “bulk buy” solar energy. Gippy Bulk Buy will use reputable local solar installers, ensuring low costs and importantly, local after sales service.

Rock, Rhythm and Rhyme at Heyfield Library

Monday 30 July

Nursery rhymes, action songs, music and simple stories designed to entertain and develop pre-literacy skills for babies and toddlers.

Heyfield Immunisation Session

Tuesday 14 August

We provide all people working and residing within Wellington with a funded immunisation program in line with the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Heyfield Food and Wine Festival

Sunday 21 October

Heyfield Food and Wine Festival offers food and wine stalls as well as entertainment for the community of Heyfield and surrounding regions to enjoy.

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Encore Tours (Heyfield)

    • Arts and Culture

03 5148 2414

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Recreation Reserve Heyfield Stage 1 - Cricket Nets  - $123,000

Where:  Gordon Street , Heyfield