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Located 348km east of Melbourne and 92km from Sale, Dargo is one of Victoria's legendary 'bush towns.' It was established primarily as a resting place, and later as a supply town, for miners on their way to the local goldfields in the mid 1800s.

Dargo is popular for individuals and groups wanting to explore the Dargo High Plains and high country with many fisherman, walkers, hikers, campers, 4WD enthusiasts and trail bike riders visiting the area.

Catering for the community and visitors is a general store, the famous Dargo Pub, caravan parks and B&B’s with weekend and holiday accommodation available. Dargo is a stockbreeding and agricultural district and is known for its century old walnut groves which line the valley.

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, Dargo VIC 3862

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Dargo Public Hall  (Halls, Public Toilets, )

Lind Avenue, Dargo

Feature: Toilets (Public), Parking, Seating, Playground, Available for Hire, 

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Dargo Winter Christmas Lunch

Thursday 21 June

A lunch for the community members of Dargo, and residents living in the surrounding region to come together for socialising, learning and enjoyment.

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