Port of Sale Precinct Redevelopment


Commence Date:
Where: 70  Foster Street, Sale
Budget: $14.53 million


Phone: 1300 366 244
Email: enquiries@wellington.vic.gov.au


The redevelopment of the former Port of Sale Civic Centre will incorporate the Sale Public Library, Gippsland Art Gallery, Wellington Visitor Information Centre, Council Chambers, broad use community spaces and a café.

The Port of Sale project will extend to the exterior space, revitalising the entire precinct in addition to the old civic centre and create a number of jobs for our region.

The total project cost is $14.53 million, this includes $11 million for the redevelopment of the building and $3.53 million for surrounding Port of Sale Precinct projects. Funding sources for the project are:

  • $4.5 million from the Australian Government’s National Stronger Regions Fund
  • $4.75 million from the Victorian State Government’s Regional Growth Fund and Living Libraries Infrastructure Program
  • $1.5 million from the John Leslie Foundation
  • $3.78 million from Wellington Shire Council

During the consultation process you told us what you wanted from the Port of Sale Civic Centre redevelopment. We listened to your feedback and secured additional funds from the federal government to better redevelop the precinct around the port. Since securing those funds we have returned to the community to seek ideas to help us create the regional recreation and outdoor cultural space you want. Your input has resulted in the following concepts being incorporated into the design:

  • Regional recreation space to expand and enhance the skate park;
  • Pedestrian walkways including linkages to the Sale Common Wetlands, Lakes Guthridge and Guyatt and the Sale CBD;
  • Brand new facilities for visitors;
  • New car parking and traffic management arrangements; and
  • Closure of the southern end of Desailly Street to vehicles whichwill create an important connection between the new building’s entry forecourt on the Port side and the Wellington Entertainment Centre.

These images of the redevelopment works for the old Civic Centre are the final artist's impressions of the facility.


Cross section of the redeveloped Port building.
There will be foyer display space outside the new Council Chamber.

Level 2 looking south towards the Port.  The hallway to the left leads to the research / study library area and art gallery workshop space. The stairs come up from the library atrium. The timber wall at the far end on the right contains doors leading to the new Council Chambers.

The new steps at the Port.

Looking up into one of the roofed courtyards from the lower ground level to the Level 1 library atrium. A new entrance foyer will be created on the Port side in the current undercroft car park area. The entrance foyer will have a lift serving all levels and an 18m wide amphitheatre stair leading up to the main public level.  At the top of the stairs, on the left, is the  central entrance to the Visitor Information Centre.

Gippsland Art Gallery new display space.

Art Gallery 1 is to be created in the other roofed courtyard. View looking from the entrance to the gallery from the Visitor Information Centre. This is the area where the western courtyard was and will now have a double height ceiling.

The Visitor Information Centre is light, bright and open.

Reaching the top of the amphitheatre stairs, you arrive in the Level 1 library atrium, which leads to the Visitor Information Centre and Gallery entrances.

 The library atrium at the new Port.

Level 2 standing outside the research / study library area and looking down to the Library Atrium and wide stairs. Looking across to the Council Chambers and down to the children’s area of the library. 

The Visitor Information Centre contains a wide range of accessible display space.

Level 1 inside the Visitor Information Centre.  This view is from the entrance to Art Gallery 1 looking back towards the Foster Street entrance. To the right is the library atrium.

  The library atrium on level one contains a range of seating areas.

View from the top of the wide stairs in the library atrium on Level 1.  Looking across there are glazed walls giving glimpses to the children’s area of the library and up to the Council Chambers on Level 2. To the right is the entrance to the Visitor Information Centre and stairs up to Level 2.

With designs finalised and construction underway we can now provide the following floor plans.

Port of Sale Floor Plans

Ground level includes new southern entry foyer, loading area, plant and store rooms and car parking. Level 1 includes revamped Foster Street entry, visitor information centre, central help desk, art galleries, library including children’s and youth spaces, café and amenities. Level 2 includes library research and study area, meeting rooms, Council chambers, library and art gallery staff areas, art gallery collection storage and amenities.

The project’s international award winning architect, fjmt Architects and TCL Landscape Architects have incorporated the significant input and feedback from our community through the development of the building and precinct concept designs. This ensures that the new building and precinct will cater to our community's ongoing requirements and make full use of the building's proximity to the Port of Sale.

The facility is estimated to be completed in December 2017.


70  Foster Street, Sale VIC 3850

Port of Sale Precinct Redevelopment

70  Foster Street, Sale VIC 3850

Port of Sale Precinct Redevelopment