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Gallery Exhibition (Sale) - The f Word

Dates & Times

Saturday 19 July to Sunday 7 September 2014

The f Word is Feminism! It is also a thought-provoking and provocative exhibition of feminist art practice today.

Judy Chicago’s iconic feminist work The Dinner Party (1974—1979) was a starting point for this exhibition, conceived and curated by Caroline Phillips. The f Word features works from a range of contemporary artists, including Clare Rae, Catherine Bell, Penny Byrne, Jill Orr, Kate Just and Laurene Dieterich — besides many others.

The underlying principle of the exhibition is the question of how has feminism evolved since the 1970s, and how is it relevant to artists working today?

OPENING: Friday 18 July 6.00pm

ARTIST TALK: Friday 18 July 5.00pm

GUEST CURATOR: Caroline Phillips

The f Word Invitation/Catalogue

Full 47 page catalogue available for purchase from the Gippsland Art Gallery shop - $6.00 each

Kate Just
Knit Hope Project 2013
HOPE Banner: Hand knitted fluoro yarn and retro
reflective thread; 200 x 120cm
Photograph by Phil Faulks
Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer, Melbourne
Venue: Gippsland Art Gallery
Free Entry
Organiser: Gippsland Art Gallery
Name: Gippsland Art Gallery
Phone: 03 5142 3500
68-70  Foster Street, Sale VIC 3850

Gallery Exhibition (Sale) - The f Word

68-70  Foster Street, Sale VIC 3850

Gallery Exhibition (Sale) - The f Word