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Gallery Exhibition (Maffra) - Jeremy Kasper - Inertia

Dates & Times

Thursday 9 February to Monday 3 April 2017

Sale-based artist Jeremy Kasper presents landscapes in motion in his first solo exhibition, Inertia.  This exhibition explores the environment in movement, from the point of view of an observer travelling in an inert state at high speed. Each painting is based on a photograph taken from the window of a car. He says:

“Using abstract landscape photographs as a point of departure, I let the process of painting guide me, allowing me to explore the medium and the action of painting. For me this is an inward and reflective practice, evoking a sense of atmosphere, a mood and emotion”.

Jeremy’s art will already be familiar to many Sale residents, as the legal street art that brings vibrancy to the town’s laneways. Aside from managing the Kerb Skateboard shop in Sale, Jeremy is also a professional chef with more than twenty years’ experience in classical French cuisine.

For Jeremy making the change from food to painting came naturally. He says:

“I have always looked at cooking in a creative way, sketching up dishes before they were produced. The food was my paint palette and the plate was my canvas, creating edible sculptures”.

Jeremy recently completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT and is currently working towards an Advanced Diploma.


Thursday 9 February 6.00pm. All welcome.

Invitation Jeremy Kasper Inertia

Inertia Study #7 2016
Oil on canvas
91 x 152cm
Courtesy the artist
Venue: Maffra Exhibition Space
Free Entry
Organiser: Gippsland Art Gallery
Name: Gippsland Art Gallery
Phone: 03 5142 3500
150  Johnson Street, Maffra VIC 3860

Gallery Exhibition (Maffra) - Jeremy Kasper - Inertia

150  Johnson Street, Maffra VIC 3860

Gallery Exhibition (Maffra) - Jeremy Kasper - Inertia