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Current Tenders

Irrigation Pump and Supply System

Closing Date:  Wednesday 25 October 2017

Unsealed Road Reconstruction Upgrade Works

Closing Date:  Wednesday 1 November 2017

West Sale Airport Runway Extension Works - Design

Closing Date:  Wednesday 1 November 2017

Marley Street North Reconstruction Works

Closing Date:  Thursday 9 November 2017

Dundas Street Reconstruction

Closing Date:  Thursday 9 November 2017

Heyfield Concrete Works

Closing Date:  Thursday 9 November 2017

Bridge and Culvert Safety Barrier Renewal

Closing Date:  Friday 10 November 2017

General Tender Information

Public tenders must be invited for:

  • Goods and Services $150,000+ (including GST)
  • Works $200,000+ (including GST)

We advertise tenders for a range of works and services within our municipality on a frequent basis. Information regarding any tenders that may be advertised are publicised in local and metropolitan newspapers and on this website. Tenders advertised cover a wide range of works and services relating to council operations such as:

  • Works: Civil Works, Engineering, Building and Construction
  • Services: Consultancies, Building Maintenance, Plant Hire, Cleaning
  • Supplies: Goods and Equipment such as mowers and chainsaws, protective clothing, gravel for road maintenance and playground equipment

Tenders are evaluated on a number of criteria that are outlined in the tender documentation. In order to assist in the evaluation process, we request you supply as much relevant material as possible to support your submission and all the required documents by the tender.

Each tender will have a council employee nominated as the contact for all enquiries. Tenders must be lodged in the tender box at the Sale Service Centre no later than the time nominated on the day they are due. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Late, email or facsimile tenders will not be accepted. Any changes to the tender will be done by way of an addendum.

We are committed to the Victorian Civil Construction Industry Best Practice Guide for Tendering and Contract Management to ensure a fair and just tendering procedure for all tenderers.


General Tender Process

  1. Once documents are compiled and approval given, the tender is advertised
  2. Tender documents are then available electronically via Council’s website
  3. Tender closes on the advertised date. All tenders must be in the tender box at the Sale Service Centre no later than the time nominated
  4. The tender box is opened at the time nominated. Tenders are then opened and recorded on the council’s tender registration form
  5. Tender evaluations are conducted
  6. An evaluation report is compiled with recommendation
  7. The recommendation report is submitted to Council or relevant delegated Officer for approval
  8. The successful and unsuccessful tenderers are notified of the outcome
  9. Contracts are signed and sealed by the successful contractor and Council
  10. A copy of the contract is returned to the successful contractor
  11. Contract works/services are conducted