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Walking and Cycling

Wellington Shire has many walking and bike riding opportunities for residents and visitors. The information and links below should enthuse you to get out and about!


Walking and Bike Riding in Wellington Shire

  • Great Walks in Wellington is a booklet that lists over 40 walks in Wellington Shire and is available from the Wellington Visitor Information Centres, Council’s Service Centres or libraries
  • Gippsland Plains Rail Trail extends 67km from Traralgon to Stratford
  • Blores Hill Mountain Bike Park is located in Glenmaggie just north of Heyfield and has a series of mountain bike trails suitable for beginner to advanced bike riders
  • Great Rides in Wellington (8MB) is your guide to some of the best bike riding routes in Wellington, showcasing our spectacular scenery, small towns and major attractions. There are long and short rides available, which are graded from easy to hard, and are almost all on good, sealed surfaces.


Walking and Bike Riding Groups in Wellington


Further Information

  • Victoria Walks has all the tools, information and support you need to make your neighbourhood safer and more walker friendly.  It also has an initiative called Walking Maps which enables you to create or discover a wide range of walking maps for different purposes. Why not try the Tarra-Bulga National Park walk?
  • Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that works with their supporters to get More People Cycling More Often and measurably grow the bike riding world. They have useful information on the benefits of cycling and cycling events and groups

Additional information is available in the Walking and Cycling Strategic Plan which is located on the Council Strategies and Plans page.


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