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GippSport is a Regional Sports Assembly that covers the 6 municipalities within Gippsland and has offices in Bairnsdale, Inverloch, Newborough and Sale.


GippSport Aims To:

  • Support grassroots sport and recreation
  • Encourage participation in active recreation
  • Encourage access for all
  • Create healthy sporting environments
  • Encourage welcoming and inclusive clubs


Programs Available Through GippSport

Healthy Sporting Environments - This program focuses on ensuring sporting clubs are viable, sustainable and healthy places. GippSport will support clubs to assess their current situation and implement gradual change in 6 key areas:

  • Responsible use of alcohol
  • UV protection
  • Inclusion, safety and support
  • Reducing tobacco use
  • Healthy eating
  • Injury prevention and management

Access for All Abilities - This program aims to build the capacity of the sport and recreation sector to provide increased participation opportunities for people of all abilities.

Regional Sport and Recreation - This program supports grassroots sporting clubs through club development and training, volunteer recognition, a most disciplined player award and a range of club resources. This includes Club Help which provides details on what club volunteers need to know.

The Good Sports program works with community based sporting clubs to promote responsible management of alcohol, increase viability of sporting clubs and assist in creating a welcoming and friendly environment.

More information may be sourced on the GippSport website. 


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