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Children's Library Services

Our libraries host a range of fun programs for 0-12 year old children.


Rock, Rhythm & Rhyme Sessions

Babies 0-2 years

A 30 minute fun-filled program held during school term that includes nursery rhymes, actions, songs, music and simple stories designed to entertain and help develop literacy skills for babies and toddlers.

Heyfield Library Monday 9.30am
Maffra Library Monday 9.30am
Rosedale Library Friday 9:30am
Stratford Library Friday 9:30am
Yarram Library Friday 9.30am
Sale Library Friday 10.30am


Pre-School Storytime

Toddlers 3-5 years

A 45 minute session held during school term that includes stories, songs and activities aimed at pre-school literacy and social skills development.

Stratford Library Wednesday 9:30am
Sale Library Wednesday and Thursday 10:30am
Maffra Library Thursday 11:00am
Yarram Library Thursday 11:00am
Rosedale Library Friday 10:30am
Heyfield Library Friday 10:30am


School Holiday Programs

5-12 Years

Advertised in Events, the events section of the Library Newsletter and flyers distributed in branches.


Child Supervision

Staff will always take due care and concern for young people in the library, however, they are unable to act as supervisors and must not be put in the position of acting parent or guardian. Our Guidelines for Supervision of Children in the Library (208KB) flyer provides further information.


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